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The Emigration Clearance Certificate (ECC)

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The Emigration Clearance Certificate (ECC), although not technically a visa is grouped with them because it is often referred to by foreign nationals as an exit visa, and frankly it has that kind of power, without it you don’t get to leave the country when you planned.

Lot’s of confusion still reigns around this requirement of the Bureau of Immigration. I was on two forums yesterday where inaccurate information was being posted without regard to the issues it could create for those acting on it.

First port of call should always be the Bureau of Immigration website, you can also get your particular questions answered on the Bureau of Immigration Facebook page, usually within 24-48 hours. If those answers leave you confused try http://www.lifephilippines.org if you are scratching your head then you can bet we have been scratching ours and asked the questions you want the answers to. Remember the Ask me feature on the Life Philippines website, where if you haven’t been able to find an answer just ask and we will do our best to get an accurate response in a timely manner.

So back to the ECC:

What Is It?

The Emigration Clearance Certificate (ECC) is an important pre-departure document issued by the Bureau of Immigration (BI) to foreign nationals who are holders of Immigrant or Non-Immigrant visas leaving the Philippines. It has two types:


Who needs to apply for ECC-A

It is issued to departing foreign nationals to prove that they have no derogatory records in the country and have no pending obligations with the government at the time of issuance.

The following foreign nationals must secure an ECC-A prior to their departure:
Holders of Temporary Visitor Visa (also referred to as tourist visa) who have stayed in the Philippines for six (6) months or more;
Holders of expired or downgraded Immigrant or Non-Immigrant Visas;
Holders of valid Immigrant or Non-Immigrant Visas that are leaving for good;
Philippine-born foreign nationals who will depart from the Philippines for the first time;
Holders of Temporary Visitor Visa with Orders to Leave;
Bona fide seafarers who have stayed in the Philippines for 30 days or more and has a duly approved discharge from BI.

Who needs to apply for ECC-B

ECC-B is issued to departing holders of Immigrant and Non-Immigrant Visas with valid ACR Icards who are leaving the country temporarily. It is a single-use receipt issued to evidence their Special Return Certificate (SRC) (for Non-Immigrants) or Reentry Permit (RP) (for Immigrants) which is valid for one (1) year. It may be secured at the BI Main Office, Magallanes Drive, Intramuros, Manila or in the airport upon departure.

Where To Apply

The Bureau of Immigration is continuously adding to the number of outlets that can process this certificate so check at least a week prior to you planned departure whether you local office is able to issue an ECC, or where the nearest office that can is. If you are in Manila the Main Office at Magallanes Drive, Intramuros is open weekdays between 7am and 5.30 pm and will process your application

Be Careful of Scammers

Be careful not to give this task to unauthorized private entities and individuals offering to provide this document, as they may provide you with a fake document. Any person found in possession of such spurious document will be charged for violating the Philippine Immigration Act of 1940 or Commonwealth Act 613, as amended.

When Do I Need to Apply?

If you definitely know the office you plan to attend issues the ECC, you need to apply at least 72 hours before your planned departure. To avoid last minute hitches allow a week. The certificate is valid for one month from the date of issue.

311 thoughts on “The Emigration Clearance Certificate (ECC)

  1. Aileen

    My 2 year old daughter just got her crba and passport and we are not yet leaving philippines until 9months do i need to get her ecc even if we are not yet leaving?

    1. mbannist Post author

      What visa is your daughter currently in the Philippines on. As she was born here, you may not have a visa for her?

      1. mbannist Post author

        If you are here utilising Balikbayan for your family your daughter should not be required to have an ecc

        1. mbannist Post author

          Have you been here longer than 12 months at the time you will leave, only then would you require an ECC Also if your wife has Philippines Passport your son should be entitled to one and should not have to pay anything? The cost of a Philippines passport is a lot less than 9K and for infants, it is a walk-in appointment. hope That Helps

        2. mbannist Post author

          Being born in the Philippines gives your child no rights unless born to a Philippines citizen, then he can stay indefinitely. When he wishes to leave it must be on a Philippines passport to avoid overstayer penalties. Otherwise, he will be considered to be a citizen of the country whose passport he is travelling on. Balikbayan is only extended to family members who arrive in the Philippines with the Balikbayan, and were passport holders at the time

    2. mbannist Post author

      This direct from Bureau of Immigration
      Greetings. We advise you to refer your concern to our Legal Division at 465-2400 loc. 441. Thank you. ren
      Ren says that he doesn’t think you need avisa or an ECC for your daughter but wants you to contact the number provided to make sure. Aileen, do not be concerned about doing this. I have been assisting people for a number of years and despite the horror stories you hear, even the unreformed Bureau was not an issue if you try to do the right thing and you have. Hope this is helpful and would love a comment on the outcome.


        Sir…. This is PUNUKOLLU MADHAVI.. student of DMSF, from davao city..My visa and acr expiry date is on jan 12 , 2019… so I applied for visa got extension but I submitted documents for acr on November 14 in college . It’s submitted to davao office on Nov 16. I would like to know when will I get my acr… I have a vacation from dec 13 so I will be going to india on dec 14. Is there a possibility that I get my acr by December 5… please sir try to help me with this

        1. mbannist Post author

          Hi there, If you have the receipt stub from your application for the ACR, you can go to the Davao office and ask them to check. Or go to this page. I have checked up until the 22 November. The next date should be the 29th and then the 6 December
          I would expect it to be available before the 13 December as the processing time is 2- 3 weeks.
          If there is any delay you can go to the Davao office and apply for an ACR waiver find the details here
          Hope that is helpful

      2. Edmond

        My wife and I are staying under Balibayan Visa. My son was born here in August and when we applied for ECC, we were told that we should have applied for extension for him even if we have Balibayan Visas. We ended up paying for 4 months extension before we got the ECC for him. We paid more or less 9k pesos for everything. The way I understand it, Balikbayan Visa only applies to your family if they travelled with you to the Philippines. Being born in the Philippines doesn’t give your child the same Balikbayan Visa privileges that you have. Is this correct?

  2. angel

    as a foreign national with a balikbayan stamp, are we still required to get the ecc if our stay in the philippines is less than 6 months? thank you

  3. Jim

    My daughter has both a Philippine and US Passport. She received the US Passport through CRBA and Philippine passport as she was born in RP. She wants to visit USA. She has exited the Philippines a few times already on her Philippine passport, never using the USA passport.

    Is she required to have an ECC since the requirement states “Philippine-born foreign nationals who will depart from the Philippines for the first time;” This is not her first time to depart. She will only be usung her USA Passport to demonstrate her legal entry ton the states.

    Thank You.

    1. mbannist Post author

      It is always a good idea to present both passports at exit from the Philippines and entry to the US. In this case my information is that you will not need an ECC as your daughter is a Philippines national. However to avoid any interpretation delays at Immigration at the airport.they have given me this number for their legal department where you can get an opinion and if that opinion is that an ECC is not required as I believe it will be, then get them to email that opinion to you and put the email into your passport.Legal Division at 465-2400 loc. 441 that is a Manila number. Let me know the outcome especially if my advice, gained from Immigration is incorrect. I would make the phone call but they like to talk with a person holding all the facts.

  4. Jane

    How long is the process to get an ECC? I have a son who was offloaded lastnight from terminal 3 immigration since he will be exiting for thw first time. He’s an australian citizen and a holder of au passport. We were redirected to the BI main office to secure an ECC and was rebooked. Question is, can we secure an ECC within the day?

    1. mbannist Post author

      Go early, make sure you have all the requirements. Tell them the circumstances, they will understand and you will have no difficulty finishing within a day.
      Do not get frustrated by slowness, these people are workers trying their best with the resources they have.

  5. ANna

    I have a problem with PI passport. My son has US passport thru CRBA. I only applied for his passport yesterday and we were told to get it by April 29. The only thing that concerns me is that the delayed releasing of PI passport and we were suppose to leave the country on May 5. Please help me. Should I just get him an ECC permit and pay the fines? He is turning 3 this May and I want to know how much I am shedding off for this 🙁

    1. mbannist Post author

      Anna do you have your sons US passport already? If you do then you should be able to apply for the ECC now as a Philippines born foreign national apply for the ECC at your nearest bureau of immigration office at least 72 hour prior to departure. If his PI pass port doesn’t arrive in time it is ok to just have his US passport fort the application. The ECC is good for one month only and for one use so don’t apply before April 7th.

  6. KpEs

    Good day, my daughter was born in RP but has a US passport thru CRBA.she was granted 2011 she was 3yrs old at that time. I understand that i will have to secure an EEC for her. Im taking her to CA this May. I was wondering how much roughly am i going to pay for her overstay? And will it be released the same day?

  7. Mary

    I am from the UK and have a student visa to study in the Philippines. I am going back to the UK for 1 month on the April 29 2015. Can I get my ECC-B at the airport before departure or do I need to get it at least 72 hours before departure? Also what documentation do I need to have to get the ECC-B? I have a letter from my University.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

  8. jhonskie solidum

    I got a nephew who have a Japanese passport and will be vacationing this coming june in Japan for the first time the japanese embassy here in PI…instructed us to secure a ECC for my 8 year old nephew, how much will it cost us to secure one and what are the documents needed? thank you for your response

    1. mbannist Post author

      Here is the general application Form
      Here is a copy of the actual certificate.
      You only need if your Nephew has been in the Philippines for six months or more.
      You need to apply at least 72 hours in advance of departure date.
      The certificate is valid for 1 calender month from date of issue.
      The Certificate comes in two flavors and the one you apply for is dependent on your circumstances
      As outlned below:
      ECC has two (2) types, ECC –A (also referred to as regular ECC and ECC-B.

      The following foreign nationals must secure an ECC-A prior to their departure:

      Holders of Temporary Visitor Visa (also referred to as tourist visa) who have stayed in the Philippines for six (6) months or more;
      Holders of expired or downgraded Immigrant or Non-Immigrant Visas;
      Holders of valid Immigrant or Non-Immigrant Visas but are leaving for good;
      Philippine-born foreign nationals who will depart from the Philippines for the first time;
      Holders of Temporary Visitor Visa with Orders to Leave;
      Bona fide seafarers who have stayed in the Philippines for 30 days or more and has a duly approved discharge from BI.

      ECC-B is issued to departing holders of Immigrant and Non-Immigrant visas with valid ACR I-Cards and are leaving the country temporarily.

      You’ll need to take with you:

      Three 2″ x 2″ colour photographs, recently taken.
      Your Passport
      Air tickets showing a confirmed reservation to leave the Philippines. They may ask to see this to check on your date of departure as ECCs should be obtained no more than 10 days prior to departure.

      The process:

      Present yourself at the reception desk and tell them you want an Exit Clearance Certificate.
      S/he will ask to see your Passport and air ticket so they can check to see if you currently here legally.
      S/he will hand you the form that I referred to above for you to complete.
      You complete the form and return it to the same Receptionist with the 3 2×2 photos.
      S/he will affix the photos to the form, and direct you to a cashier.
      Hand the cashier the form and the Passport. The cashier will process the form and will stamp it.
      The Passport and form will be handed back to you. You will be directed to another Cashier.
      You again hand over the Passport and Form.
      Depending on the type of visa you are here under, will determine the fees payable.
      Temporary visa’s only incur a 500php express lane fee. Other visas incur a fee of up to 2900php plus the 500php express lane fee.
      Having paid your fee you will sit and wait for your name to be called for finger printing.
      After this you wait a few more minutes then you’ll be called and your Passport and ECC handed to you.
      That certificate as in the second form above, is handed to the Immigration Officer just before boarding your international flight.
      Hope that helps, let us know how it goes

      Total time: 40 minutes.

  9. quennie

    My husband ECC-B clearance has expired since Dec 2013. Now we are planning to visit Philippines this year. Is the clearance extendable? How much? Where? Can I have it extended from India or do I have to send it to a relative in Philippines to be extended.

    Kindly guide. Thanks!

    1. mbannist Post author

      The holder of a valid ACR card requires an ECC-B clearance to leave the country, it is not a requirement to re-enter, as it is about the person being free of all obligations to the govt before leaving.

      If I read correctly that your husband is an Indian national all the options below will need to be completed prior to arrival, at the Philippines embassy in New Delhi, as India is not on the visa free entry list.

      If however your husband has citizenship, even dual citizenship, of a country that is one of the 151 countries on the visa free entry list then you will be able to enter in one of the following ways.
      If your husband formerly held an ACR card, and it has already expired or will expire before you travel then he will be treated as not holding such a card, and will need to apply as appropriate for one of the following options.

        1.If you will be travelling with your husband you may be eligible to claim Balikbayan status. The requirements are found by clicking here .
        2. Otherwise your husband can avail himself of a 59 day entry visa at your nearest Philippines Embassy, or on arrival if he holds apassport issued by a country on the visa free country list. If not he will need to apply in New Delhi.
        3. There are references specific to Indian Nationals found here and at this link
        4. Then there is the Sec 13a visa available approved applicants married to Filipino citizens.

      So in summary:
      If your husband only holds Indian Nationality you will need to make any application to re enter the country, in New Delhi, before travelling. You can find details of visa application processes and contact details by clicking here
      If he has dual nationality of a country of the visa free list he can avail of either of the first two options outlined, for a short term stay.
      hope that helps

      1. quennie

        Thanks for the response, actually my husband has a temporary residence visa 13A with acr id card valid till 2017. When he left the country in 2012 he was told that the ecc-b is valid till 2013 and if he wants to come back and the clearance has expired, he needs to pay an extension and a penalty. So, can he enter the country without the ecc-b extended? what are the documents he needs to show?

        Thank you.

        1. mbannist Post author

          I think you need to talk with the Philippines Embassy directly, the 13a is not a temporary Visa but a permanent one, specifically for expats living here who are married to Filipino nationals. It is what it says a Permanent Residence Visa that can only be compromised by the breakup of your relationship. If his ACR Card, is valid until 2017, my information provided by immigration here, is that he can return to the country without hindrance. He may be questioned as to why he has been away for so long, but many expats spend time in there own country each year and your job will be to convince them that you want to remain here as your primary residence. The ECC has nothing to do with returning only leaving.
          My advice is to get your advice in writing from the Embassy in New Delhi, or if you doubt that the go to the Philippines Bureau of Immigration page on Facebook, where you can click on the message button ask your question and they will get back to you within 48 hours often sooner.Replies are via email so you can print and keep in your documents.
          Hope that helps

  10. Antony

    I am the British father of a daughter (with Filipino Mother) who was born in Philippines and now has a Filipino passport. I have applied for UK passport for her and expect it to arrive very soon. When she leaves the Philippines for the first time, will my daughter need an ECC to exit on her UK passport? BoI in Lucena say just present both passports on exit, but I am not convinced.

      1. Jeraldine Minakawa

        Hi. I have the same problem with the said above. My son was born in ph and has an ph passport. His father will get him a jp passport very soon. Do i need to get him an ecc prior by our departure?


        1. mbannist Post author

          Keep both passports current and present them on departure. You will not need an ECC. If you travel on the Japanese passport alone then you can find difficulties on departure regarding overstaying

  11. Herve Collard

    What a great source of information here. Good answers always provided.

    Now my question – I hold ECC b – but cannot return to the Philippines within the 1 year period permitted, I need to extend my stay overseas by 2 months. The Embassy says they cannot extend or do anything with a ECC B and I must deal with BOI in Manila who issued it. But how do I do that if i am overseas. Is it possible for someone to act as my representative in the Philippines to get an extension , or a firm who handles this sort of thing for a fee ? Or is there some other way to resolve my problem…. Thanks,

    1. mbannist Post author

      Herve the ECC is not the issue as it is used to exit the country only. What may be the issue is:
      a) the length of time a permanent resident may be absent from the country and/ or
      b) the expiry of an ACR card.
      If I can refer you to the BI Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/officialbureauofimmigration?fref=ts
      Click on the message button and ask your question. The longest I have waited for a response is 72 hours, most often less.
      Outline your question to them but add things like the visa you are here on and the date of expiry of your ACR. If you get a chance would love to hear how you get on.

  12. Yui

    For ECC, do children go to BI for fingerprinting, or can parents apply on their behalf without their presence?

    Please advise. Thank you!

    1. mbannist Post author

      My advice from BI was yes fingerprinting must be done for all minors. This also ensures that the correct child leaves the Philippines. However I have raised the matter with there legal people as there is no written evidence of the requirement. I will post if that comes back differently> The other thing you can do is to ring the Bureau yourself and ask what arrangements they have for fingerprinting minors foe the ECC

  13. Mildred


    My 1year old japanese national daughter was born in p.i and we already applied for ecc since she will be exiting the country for the first time and it is valid until august 2 2015, the problem is we need more days. Do we need to apply for another ecc or do just have to pay penalty? And how much does it cost? Ecc alone cost almost 7k pesos.

  14. Cherry

    My husband has ECC-B clearance being a temporary resident, the Special Return Clearance or SRC has expired 2 years ago. Now we are planning to go to Philippines.

    1. Will he be able to get entry with expired SRC?
    2. Is his visa status going to be affected?
    3. Is SRC renewable? If yes, how?

    Please guide. Thanks!

    1. mbannist Post author

      I would advise you to contact to contact your nearest Philippines Embassy as the issues you raise will require you to provide personal details about yourself and the visa you were here under as well as dates your husband was last in the Philippines and the expiry date of his ACR card.
      If you don’t have ready access to a Philippines Embassy or consulate then an online enquiry at your nearest one would provide your best option

  15. Wil Yong

    Hi I have stay in manila for more than 6 months with visitor visa. I knw I need to obtain an ecc before I leave manila. Can I knw how much will it cost to get an ecc? Am afraid I did not have enough money with me at the immigration. Thank you

    1. mbannist Post author

      Your ECC-A certificate is 1210 php, according to the only official estimate I could find, which you can see by clicking here. The document appears to be dated as the number of office now issuing ecc has increased. Although I did find a reference to this amount from a 2015 expat post so it looks good.

  16. Bob

    I see a response on the question for foreigners on Balikbayan visa with a stay of less than 6 months. How about for stays of longer than 6 months but less than one year on the Balikbayan visa… is ECC required in this case?

    BTW this is all very helpful information. Thanks!

    1. mbannist Post author

      I have put a specific request to the bureau, but in the interim my info is that no ECC is required, will update if that changes with their response

      1. Saldy

        What about foreigners with BB Visa and have overstayed 4yrs? As i have, do i need ECC and how much will i pay for overstaying?

        My family has booked a flight for me on Nov 14 and told me to get an ECC asap. My US passport only has a BB stamp and i overstayed here 4 yrs like i said.
        Thank you so much 🙂

        Ps: im inquiring my case to BI tomorrow and ask about the ECC. But i would like to confirm with this thread coz its very informative and helpful 🙂

        1. mbannist Post author

          In the Bad Guys out and Good Guys Initiative the BI says this:
          “The BI encourages overstaying aliens in the country to voluntary update or legalize their stay.” My advice would be to ring the BI in Manila and explain your situation. If you supply all the facts they will let you know the course of action they will take, Depending on their response you can either go in and pay your fines and get your ECC or if it gets heavy and the fines or other sanctions are excessive you can go in with a lawyer. The reason I can’t be more specific is twofold;
          a) the overstay is quite long and I have not encountered fines for that length of overstay before.
          b) your activities while overstaying will come under the spotlight and could affect any action they take.
          That said these guys are not out to get foreigners but to uphold the law, your voluntarily turning yourself in does have a positive effect, all other things being equal.
          Good luck

    1. mbannist Post author

      Depends on if it is the ECC A or ECC B.
      The following people must obtain an ECC A:
      Holders of Temporary Visitor Visa (also referred to as tourist visa) who have stayed in the Philippines for six (6) months or more;
      Holders of expired or downgraded Immigrant or Non-Immigrant Visas;
      Holders of valid Immigrant or Non-Immigrant Visas but are leaving for good;
      Philippine-born foreign nationals who will depart from the Philippines for the first time;
      Holders of Temporary Visitor Visa with Orders to Leave;
      Cost is 1210 pesos
      ECC-B is issued to departing holders of Immigrant and Non-Immigrant visas with valid ACR I-Cards and are leaving the country temporarily. The cost of that is 2880 or 2885
      Hope that helps

  17. Quynh Hoang

    My student visa will expried on Nov 19, 2015. I will leave on Nov 12, 2015 and re-entry on Nov 29, 2015.
    Do I need to apppy for ECC? Which type and where is the nearest baurea of immigration i can apply? I am living in Makati.
    Thanks so much for your help.

    1. mbannist Post author

      Bureau of Immigration Makati Extension Office
      1 review · Ministries & Governmental Entities
      Ground Floor, Board of Investment Bldg., 385 Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City, Metro Manila

      Bureau of Immigration Peza Extension Office
      1 review · Ministries & Governmental Entities
      Ground Floor, PEZA Building, San Luis St. corner Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City, Metro Manila · 0917 373 2357

      As an ACR card holder leaving temporarily you will need an ECC B at a cost of approx 3000 php
      Hope that is helpful

  18. Cendy

    My son is only 10months old ,he has already a swedish emergency passport and a Philippine passport. My question is do I need to get a ecc for my son?

    1. mbannist Post author

      It depends on the passport on which you will travel. If he is travelling on a Philippines passport he will not require an ECC. However for a child that young, you may be questioned if you are his sole escort. If he is travelling on the Swedish Passport he will require ECC A.

      The following is from the BI website.

      Who should apply for an Emigration Clearance Certificate?
      ECC has two (2) types, ECC –A (also referred to as regular ECC and ECC-B.

      The following foreign nationals must secure an ECC-A prior to their departure:

      Holders of Temporary Visitor Visa (also referred to as tourist visa) who have stayed in the Philippines for six (6) months or more;
      Holders of expired or downgraded Immigrant or Non-Immigrant Visas;
      Holders of valid Immigrant or Non-Immigrant Visas but are leaving for good;
      Philippine-born foreign nationals who will depart from the Philippines for the first time;
      Holders of Temporary Visitor Visa with Orders to Leave;
      Bona fide seafarers who have stayed in the Philippines for 30 days or more and has a duly approved discharge from BI.
      ECC-B is issued to departing holders of Immigrant and Non-Immigrant visas with valid ACR I-Cards and are leaving the country temporarily.

      When should I apply for an ECC?
      A foreign national may apply for an ECC at least 72 hours prior to his/her departure from the Philippines.

      Does the ECC have validity? Will I be able to use this multiple times?

      The ECC is valid for one (1) month from the date of issue, however, you may only use this once regardless of its validity.

  19. York

    I was trying to figure out how to get an ECCB. So today, I went to the Makati Extension branch – person at the small desk in the passage said that I don’t need an ECC since I was below the 6 months. This is despite me showing him my ACR Card. He also said it will take 3 days since documents need to go to Intramuros. Not convinced with the answer, I headed to Intramuros.

    I was told to go to Counter 41-42 and check. I spoke to the people there. I was given a very small form to fill in. I am supposed to be filling up the form and go to Counter 40 and submit the form. They do the assessment over there and then I am supposed to make a payment at Counter 22-25. The receipt is supposed to be enough for ECCB. The receipt is supposed to be shown at the Immigration Counters when going out and coming in along with my ACR Card. That is all. The cost I was told was Php 2,885. Also, since I am traveling towards end of March, they suggested to come back after a few weeks since the receipt is valid for only 1 month on the exit.

    I will update more once I actually go thru the process.

    1. mbannist Post author

      Thanks for that information, you were correct to trust your instincts as the key to ECC B is two fold.
      A. Holder of current ACR
      B. leaving the country temporarily.
      We would be very happy for any future update that you can provide

      1. Kaustuv

        Here is an update on this regarding the ECCB.

        I went to BI Intramuros this morning at 7.50 am. At Counter 41, ask for the ECCB form – it is a very small one where you need to fill in name, nationality, gender and passport number.

        Submit that form to Counter 40 with your ACR Card and Passport. You will given an assessment order immediately which states the fees. The fees is Php 2,380 + Php 500 (Express Lane Fee); total Php 2,880.

        Take the assessment order to Counter 22-23 to make the cash payment. With the Official Receipts, go to Counter 35. Submit these receipts and your ACR card – the official will let you know in how much time you will get the receipts back with the ACR Card. In my case it was 1 hour. So, go back after 1 hour and pick up the Receipts and your ACR Card. There will be 2 noteings written by hand with an EC number and SR number with last dates of use.

        I went back to Counter 40 to ask if I can get the ECCB at the airport – he confirmed that I can pay the fees at the airport and all I need to show will be the ACR Card.

        When I head to the airport next time, I will check that routing of getting the ECCB.

        1. mbannist Post author

          Thanks Kaustav, This is very good information straight from the horses mouth so to speak. Thanks for your consideration. Yes we would be very interested to hear about the airport option, if you or any other reader use that method in the future

          1. York

            Another update on this.

            I was at the airport last Saturday – Terminal 3. While I already had my ECCB from Intramuros, I decided to investigate further if it is possible to get it at the airport.

            The answer is yes – you can get the ECCB at the airport. When you head to Immigration, there is a counter in the extreme right under Cashier. I presented my ECCB Receipt from Intramuros, and she confirmed that next time, I could get the ECCB from the same counter.

            So, one can get the ECCB from the airport – you need your ACR Card and Passport. Payment and receipt of ECCB is all at one counter – Cashier, next to the Immigration Counters.

          2. mbannist Post author

            Once again thanks for the excellent outline, your accurate input is gratefully acvknowledged

  20. joy

    i am a filipino nationals, and my husband is a seaman, i will be cruising on their ship this march, do i need to get the immigration clearance? the ship will dock in cebu and im here in tacloban, is it necessary that i will apply in cebu? or can i apply here in tacloban?

    1. mbannist Post author

      Good morning, Filipino nationals do not require ECC. You should check on the requirements for a passport depending on where you plan to cruise. Also be aware that the type of trip you are planning has been reported as dangerous and can be a vehicle for people trafficking. Ensure authorities and friends know where you are planning to go and with whom.

    1. mbannist Post author

      Firstly one of the parents must be an Australian Citizen and be willing to claim paternity. (Otherwise proof of paternity must be ontained legally).
      Secondly the process is different depending on where the child is at the time of application. Look here for further information

      Here is a checklist that you can use to make sure you have all the required documentation before lodging an application
      Hope that helps

    1. mbannist Post author

      If you are sure that is the ECC you need, the answer is yes. However if you are not sure it is best to check with your nearest BI office. The cost is 2880php

  21. Kenny

    Hello Sir,

    I came here on 2007 using my U.S passport. And then I was able to renew my old philippine passport just a month after that. I was born here in the philippines but grew up in the states. I stayed here to study college. Then I met someone and now I am married. I have two philippine born children who got their U.S passports last year. Do they need to get an ecc? Also as for me. I came here on a balikbayan stamp but now I hold a Philipine passport. I was told that I am able to pay no staying fees when exiting with both passports. Is this true sir? Also someone in the BI told me on the phone that why dont I just apply them a philippine passport so they wont have to pay fees as well. I mean it is confusing because why not just let philippone born people be free from paying taxes. Another way to get some cash out of people I guess hehe.

    1. mbannist Post author

      Your children will need an ECC A as Philippines born foreign nationals leaving for the first time. They will also be liable for visa fees if their balikbayan status has run out. If you are travelling on a Philippine passport you will not be required to pay any visa fees provided you passport was obtained during the currency of your balikbayan stamp. You are correct it is always best to declare both passports as you will be travelling as a Philippines citizen at this end and arriving as a US citizen at your destination The issue with your sons is not that they are Philippine born, but that they are nationals of the US.
      Hope that helps

      1. Kenny

        Thank you sir. I did get in touch with one of the representatives of the immigration dept through the facebook page that they have. They did tell me that if iam able to get them a philippine passport, that they don’t need an ecc. They also did say just apply them a passport and dont include in the form that they hold a foreign passport. I guess im confused.

        1. mbannist Post author

          The issue here is about when you reclaimed your Philippines nationality. That date is crucial in estimating any fees that could be owing if you or your children were here as aliens and could have happened weeks or days before you applied for a passport. Your citizenship as a Filipino in the Philippines is not dependent on you holding a passport but on the declaration of your citizenship. Once you establish that date then all you other questions become much easier to answer.
          Will your children be liable for immigration fees? No, if from the point of birth to the present, you have been a Philippines citizen. Because that makes the Philippines citizens by birth. However if you choose to have then leave the country on a US passport inthey could be liable for considerable fees.
          This makes getting them Filipino passports the best option. I am not comfortable with the suggestion of the BI officer to not say anything about their US passports. This is because you sign a declaration when you apply for a Philippines passport saying you have answered all the questions truthfully, as there is a direct question about passports from other countries, you would put them and yourself at risk by not declaring that they hold US passports.
          Getting a ECC A becomes unnecessary if they hold Philippines passports.
          Going to your second question, perhaps it is clearer now. Your only liability would be for any days you overstayed between the expiration of your initial visitor visa, which should be in your old passport, and the date you regained your Philippines citizenship. If that occurred during the validity period of your initial visa then you owe nothing.
          You are good to travel with no fee except for the proviso I just outlined. Your children will be ok to travel without fees if the gain Philippine passport.

      2. Kenny

        You also mentioned sir that i will not be liable for any fees if i attained a philippine passport during the currency of my balikbayan stamp. I renewed my passport just las year. And my balikbayan stamp was only good for i guess a few months upon arriving here on 2007. I just want to know what this means?

        1. Kenny

          My mistake sir the stamp was not balikbayan but just a regular immigration stamp that was provided to me on my us passport on sept 2007 amonth after that, i was able to renew myPI passport. Now it expired and i renwed it again just last december. Am I good to travel using both passports without fees?

  22. Michael


    I am a Western national with permanent residency (13a) in the Philippines. I have a business setup here, and for business reasons I have to regularly travel out of the country for short trips from mid 2016 onwards.

    I have to therefore :
    (a) Pay departure tax – 1650 approx php
    (b) Airport Tax – 750 php approx
    (c) ECC-B clearance – 2,800 php approx

    The whole thing may come up to 5000 php approx or slightly less. It is really expensive. Is there something you can suggest for a person like me to cut down the cost or perhaps secure a multiple entry ECC clearance or any other thing that I can avail of?

    How do other international businessmen with long term residency or work visas eg: Chinese/Korean businessmen based in Philippines required to travel overseas, manage this massive expense for every trip ?

    Look forwards to your suggestion/tips/guidance. Thank you and cheers.

    1. mbannist Post author

      I have two suggestions the first is to change your visa to the SRRV run by the Philippines retirement authority.
      Depending on your age and circumstances it requires and investment of between 10,000 and 50,000 USD. The benefits are listed here they appear to cover two of the three expenses you have. The full requirements are listed here
      The other I have had little success in finding information on except that it is a treaty traders visa, for people involved in enterprise in the Philippines and could address your concerns, but as I say information is sparse. A phone call to BI in manila or Cebu where they employ many foreign nationals explaining your situation my also be an option. They are very helpful if you are polite and patient

  23. Han

    hello po. i am a korean student who have student visa.Should i have to make ECC? Then before 72hours of departure, i have to apply ECC? Then what do you mean the validity of ECC is 1 month. Thank you

    1. mbannist Post author

      You are required to have an ECC A if you are leaving for good. If You hold a valid ACR card and are returning you will require a ECC B.
      You should apply for an ECC A at least 3 days before you leave. It is valid for 1 month and can only be used once. The ECC B can be purchased at the airport as you depart.
      Hope that Helps

      1. Han

        i will come back after one monrh so i have to apply ECC-B? I heard that we can not purchase ECC in Ninoy Aquino airport.

  24. Lhian Somera

    Hi sir,

    Myself and I were traveling to Ireland this April, I’m holding a Philippine passport with visa stamp already which indicate on my visa (family/ friend) and my 5months old son is holding an Irish passport but he was born here in Philippines , my question is what are the necessary documents that I will show to the BI in the airport during our departure? Thank you. Hope you can help me please.

    1. mbannist Post author

      If you are saying you have a visa to enter Ireland either the Republic or Northern Ireland. The apart for your receipts for travel tax and airport tax you should not have to present BI with any paper.
      Your son could have some difficulty if he is travelling on his Irish passport as he could be technically an overstayer. The best way round this is to obtain a Philippines passport as he is a Philippines citizen this should not be to difficult unless he was required to renounce his Philippines nationality to obtain his Irish passport. If that is the case I am sure that you would be liable. That being said you would be best advised to contact BI in Manila and check to see what the fines would be and if he is liable. He will also require an ECC A, obtainable from a BI office at least 3 days prior to departure but not more than 1 month prior to departure. cost is under 1000pesos. Hope that helps

  25. cindy

    hi,i am a foreign student, i have a ACR I-CARD,and i have not leave philippine for one more year,so can i pay my ecc at airport?or i need to go to BI to pay?

    1. mbannist Post author

      if you are leaving temporarily then you require an ECC B which costs just under 3000php and is obtainable from the airport on departure. If you are leaving permanently then you will require an ECC A which should be obtained from a Bureau of Immigration Office at least 72 hours but no more than one month prior to departure this costs under 1000php

  26. Justin

    Hi,my soon have 13 years and we go to live another country,he have double nationality.For live the philipines need booth pasport? Filipino and irish ?or just whit the Irish pasport and clearance emigration certificate it’s ok ? Thanks

    1. mbannist Post author

      You can leave the philippines on his irish passport, but you may find you have to pay a big fine if they decide to collect because unless he has a philippines passport they will consider him an irish overstayer. Please ring BI and check if they are going to see him as an overstayer. They have been inconsistent, but a recent memorandum suggests they are changing that. You well also have to obtain the ECC B and pay the airport tax. Your best solution would be to obtain your sons philippines passport, for the delay it would solve many issues for him in the future.

        1. Justin

          And the tickes of the trip,they (inmigration) need two ways? Go and comeback? Or just whit the one(live)? Thanks again

        2. mbannist Post author

          1. Your sons passport, diplomatic, may help your son avoid overstayer fines, please give BI a ring but i think diplomatic passports, have some benefits.
          You would have to check on the rules that the irish have regarding ongoing tickets, if they have any they would only apply to you as the holder of a philippines passport, your son is a citizen and doesn’t require one.

  27. Emy

    Hello! If I’m staying in Philippines as a tourist for almost a year and I have a valid acr i-card can I apply for ecc-a? Or should I apply for ecc-b? The thing is that I want to come back to Philippines after 2 weeks and I want to get free 30 days staying. And also I don’t want to pay more for ecc

    1. mbannist Post author

      If you have a valid ACR card you should apply for ECC B. Cost just under 3000 and can be obtained at the airport in Manila or a BI office nearest to you. If you come back to the country in two weeks your ACR acts as your re-entry pernit. Hope that helps

  28. Noven

    HI, I am foreigner and working here in Philippines for almost 3 years. 1.How if i resign and not process the ECC and i will just go back to my country while my working visa here still active.
    2.Should i downgrade my working visa here in Philippines ?
    3.If i process Exit Clearance, there will be a sertificate only ? or i will get stemple or something in my working visa ?

    thank u so much 🙂

    1. mbannist Post author

      you will need to apply for an ECC A, if you intend to leave the country. This must be obtained from an office of the Bureau of Immigration at least 72 hours prior to departure and which is valid for one use and one month.
      If you wish to stay in the Philippines as a visitor or a permanent resident you will need to provide more details of the visa you would be seeking, before I can offer any valid help.
      your ECC is a certificate, here is a copy of the Application Form
      Here is a copy of the certificate that they will give you.
      You will need to present your passport and ACR card at the time you apply Hope that is helpful

  29. APRIL

    Hi Good afternoon! I would like to clarify regarding the Emigration Clearance Certificate. My boss arrived last OCTOBER 1, 2015, his Visa will expire this coming 29th of April, my question is how long he can stay without the ECC?

    1. mbannist Post author

      What visa is your boss on april, he can transfer to another visa, such as a tourist visa, if that is allowed on his current visa, then he can stay for up to 16 months, by just paying the visa fees and gaining or renewing his ACR. I will need more details such as nationality, current visa and what his future intentions might be to give you more specific information. The ECC only come into play when he is going to leave.

  30. Omid

    Hi. I have stayed in the philippines for 5 month and 10 days now. However i am going to lave the philippines 15 days before my 6th month of stay is finished. Do i need to apply for an ecc? Plz respond faster as my flight is near. Thank u.

    1. mbannist Post author

      This depends on the visa that you are here on. If you are here on a visitor visa, then the answer is no. However if you are the holder of another type of visa, then you should check with BI office nearest you.

  31. Judy

    Hello, good afternoon! I have a 9G visa and 9G ICard. Latest arrival in the Philippines is Jan 3, 2016. I will fly on June 23, 2016, which is below 6 months of stay.
    Do I need to get the ECC? Where is the best place to get it, i heard the cashier at airport does not always work and my flight is midnight. Thank you so much for your help!

    1. mbannist Post author

      You will require an ECC. However the type of ECC is dependent upon if you are leaving for good (ECC A) or leaving temporarily (ECC B).
      The ECC A is only obtainable at a BI office equipped to issue it, ring your local office to ensure they have the facility to do this. The cost is under 1000php.
      The ECC B is obtainable at a BI office as well, but also at the airport. I was assured by BI that the cashiers desk is open at all times flights are leaving the airport in Manila, but your point is valid, and it would probably be wise to get it at a BI office. The cost is just under 3000php
      Hope that helps

      1. Judy

        Thank you so much for your fast reply. It helps a lot 🙂
        May I ask one more, is there any other BI Office beside Intramuros? Is there one in SM Edsa?
        And what should I bring to make the ECC please? Many thanks!

        1. mbannist Post author

          There is an office at SM Edsa
          Direct Line(s) (02) 441-8622
          Facsimile Numbers(s) (02) 709-0705
          E-mail Addresses: biqcsmnorth@yahoo.com.ph
          Office Address Upper Ground Floor, The Annex,
          SM North Edsa, Quezon City

          You can see and download a copy of the application form here.
          You need a photograph 2x2inches.
          You should also have your ACR Card and Passport
          Also you cannot get you ECC until 24 May as the Issued document is only valid for one month.

  32. Eriza

    Good evening. I need your help.
    I had a student visa and have expired last July however my agent told me that “you don’t have to downgrade since your applying for recognition as a Filipino” however until now my application is at DOJ according to the agent. The problem is I need to go back to Japan Bcs of family matter. Is there any way that I can go out of the country?

    1. mbannist Post author

      You are paying an agent to look after your interests If you are unable to get clear answers from that agent, then my advice would be to go to BI and tell them your situation and provide the agents name to them, and seek their advice, they may look kindly on the fact that you are seeking Filipino citizenship. I am unwilling to give you further advice as there are to many variables to take into account, based on the information provided and a third party professional has previously been assisting you.

  33. Judy

    Good morning 🙂 Wish you a nice week ahead.

    Could you please help confirm this for me please? I have 9G Visa and will need to pay for ECC. My flight is Thursday June 23, at 9PM. Can I go to the airport earlier on the same day, like at 10 AM to pay for ECC first?

    Is ECC one-time use only?

    Thank you for your help!

    1. mbannist Post author

      ECC’s are one time use and one obtained today would be valid for one month. Provided your pre-arranged employment visa will be valid on your return and you have your ACR card current, then you can obtain an ECC – B at the airport on the day of your departure cost is just under 3000php. Getting any document at the airport requires you to be very sure all your other documentation is in order.

      1. Judy

        Ah so there is no problem if I obtain ECC on the same date of flight date, in the morning instead of before the flight time right?
        Thank you so much 🙂

  34. Charles C M Bannister

    As I said if you are sure of the following:
    a) Your 9g visa allows you to leave and return
    b) you ACR will be valid on your return
    then you can obtain your ECC-B ehich is for people with a visa. an ACR card and who are returning withing the validity of the ACR and 9g visa

  35. Maureen Sandoval

    Hello, Good Day,
    I have a child holding a foreign passport but he has dual citizenship, for the meantime he doesn’t have a Philippine passport yet, but it’s already applied. My question is, does he still need an ECC? We are flying to HongKong for couple of days and we are leaving already on Monday. I didn’t apply for ECC because many told me that my son doesn’t need it. In the departure I can bring his Filipino Birth Certificate and even the application form for his passport at DFA.
    I just want to make sure that I really don’t need the ECC to go out of the country. By the way he is 5 years old holding Belgian Passport. Or just in case I need the ECC, can I apply in the airport?
    Please I need your response, I’m a bit stress now because there’s only one day left before our departure and today and tomorrow, Immigration offices are close.
    Thanks in advance.
    Best Regards,

    1. mbannist Post author

      This is a very complex situation and I can only offer you advice based on my understanding of the Bureau’s stance on a person travelling solely on a Belgian Passport. In my view The status of his Filipino passport application or the fact he has a Filipino birth certificate will not be a factor for the Bureau. While he is quite legal to live in the Philippines, they will be concerned only about his ability to travel legally. As the holder of a Belgian passport, he would normally be able to travel, provided he is the holder of a current ACR card and be up to date with his visa payments. In that case he could obtain an ECC B at the airport in Manila on the day of travel for just under 3000 php. However I suspect that you have not been obtaining an ACR or paying for visa fees, because as I said it is not necessary for him to live here.
      If my reading of your situation is correct you may find that your son is unable to travel on Monday. All I can offer as a last resort is that you get in touch with BI on their Facebook page click here and click on the button that says message. Provide as much information as you can including any visa or ACR card you hold in your son’s name
      Sorry to spoil your night

    2. jamie

      no, my baby was offloaded for this last night.
      you need to pay for an ecc (will cost you 5 years of overstay 150,00p i think)
      after ecc you must wait 72 hours.

      it’s insane!
      better to cancel flight and wait for phil passport.
      all this happened to my baby and his mom is filipino.
      lost citizenship when we got him a us passport.

      1. mbannist Post author

        Jamie sorry to hear your story. As I told Maureen at the time, given the information she provided, i was pretty sure she would not be able to travel with her baby. I did advise her to contact BI on their facebook page, but never heard ftom here.
        Can you provide details of why you had to pay overstay of five years, is that how old your child is.
        Also where was your baby born? US or Philippines?
        And lastly how long has your wife been back in the Philippines? She should have claimed balikbayan. All she needed was her birth certificate. that would have covered both her and your baby for at least a year, free of charge.
        While she is getting your baby a passport she should get her own, it is a formality, all things being equal.
        She makes application, pays her fee of USD 50 plus 25USD if your son lost his citizenship and needs to re-establish it. Then your wife can apply for a Philippines passport along with your son.

        1. jamie

          sorry if i was unclear, i gave a little of my situation and then tried to predict what would happen to the person above based on what i’ve read online so far.

          my phil-am baby (born in phils, phil mother, us passport) was off loaded last night because no ecc. my phil wife’s usa visa entry would expire if she missed flight so she left for usa and i stayed in phils with the baby. now i’m stuck in phils trying to care for our baby, and she is alone in america. this needs to be fixed asap.

          our baby is 14 months and got a usa passport 5 months ago. from what i’ve read i might need to pay ~3500p per month of baby age, or of months since the baby got us passport because that’s when citizenship was lost. this seems like a horrendous punishment for not having time to get a philippines passport ($20 and 3 months). i think the us embassy would have warned us if something this horrible could have happened by gettting our son a us passport. i might have to pay $1,000 usd for a filipino baby to live in the philippines a year? it makes no sense.

          user amybarit posted something that i hope is true below, “However, if the Filipino does not have a Philippine passport, an Emigration Clearance Certificate (ECC) fee of P710.00 shall be charged for using a foreign passport upon departure.”

          1. mbannist Post author

            Jamie, Please let me know the outcome, this is a more frequent event than you would think and the better information we can provide the better.

          2. jamie

            this is jamie with the offloaded baby from last year.

            i got the baby an ECC the next monday morning. luckily it wasn’t the normal tourist fee of ~3k php/month. i think i only paid 5-15k php total. pretty crazy to require a baby born in the philippines to a filipino mother to pay tourist fees. even crazier they don’t let you pay this at the airport and make you miss your flight. i had to rebuy $1,000 in flights for a $100 fee.

            also wish the us embassy had told me when i got his us passport that we’d need a philippines passport for him to exit without ecc.

            so then we finally apply for his philippines passport, while in san francisco, and tell the philippines embassy there this story. they say the airport/BI was wrong and that he is filipino and didn’t need an ECC… so the philippines governement doesn’t even know their own policy on this.

          3. Rolio

            Hi Jamie,

            If you have 5 min to answer me i would very appreciate.

            I am going to Italy alone (i am the father) with my child 4 Month Old and his Italian passport for 3 weeks. I am going to apply the ECC for his passport.

            The question I am not sure is do we need to do a Travel clearance signed by the mother as I will travel alone with my child?
            I have been told that if I travel with Italian passport no need clearance but if travel with Filipino then immigration would not allow me to go with my child without the clearance.

            Did they ask you that when you pass immigration?


          4. mbannist Post author

            The information you have received is correct, however you may in this day and age, be challenged because your child is Filipino in appearance, unless you are not in a position to do this I would have a letter from the child’s mother giving permission. Stops delays.
            You will require an ECC A.
            The other issue is you could be liable for overstayers fines if your child is travelling on an Italian passport, these could apply from day one of his life. You need to visit your local BI and try to get them to exempt you, it can be a bit inconsistent. We have had a parent charges 40,000 and other given a notation on their ECC and paying nothing.
            Let us know the outcome

  36. Chricelda Red

    Hi Good day!

    My boyfriend is a Turkish national, he left April 4,2016 with an ECC A, he mistakenly choose leaving for good? but he will come back in September 2016.

    Would that be an issue upon re entering Philippines again?

    1. mbannist Post author

      Provided there were no other issues with his departure from here, your boyfriend is entitled to return.

      However it is my understanding that any visa previously in effect and any ACR card would be void.

      The process of obtaining these would need to start again.

      Other than that you should be okay.

      While an ECC A is less expensive than an ECC B it does enable the continuation of previous visa and ACR cards, that would still be in effect on his return.

      Hope that helps

  37. Alvin Luzadas

    Good day,

    I am a dual citizen scheduled to permanently leave for Canada with my family in two weeks. Unfortunately my Philippines passport expired and not enough time to renew.

    Last entry into the Philippines as October 2015 and they placed a “PP” in my foreign passport and a “-” dash in my Philippines passport.

    Will I have troubles leaving the Philippines using my foreign passport seeing as how they recognized me as a Filipino citizen back in Oct ’15? Do I need to get an ECC?

    Your timely assistance is greatly appreciated.

    1. mbannist Post author

      Firstly, my advice is to talk directly with BI as they may have room to make akkiwances, however my understanding is that you need to urgently renew your passport, see if you can avail yourself of an express service. Otherwise I can see you facing heavy fines for overstaying as you are not travelling on a Philippines Passport. This is not about your citizenship but your travel documents.
      Let us know how you get on

      1. Alvin Luzadas

        Thanks for the reply.

        Emailed the BI and was told to come down in person to have my entry stamp amended to reflect balikbayan instead of Philippine passport, thus giving me the ability to stay up to one year penalty free from my last entry date.

        They apparently have experience dealing with these situations before. So no more worries and I’m free to leave in two weeks.

        Thanks again.

  38. Marwan

    Hello guys. I want to ask how much the fine for 6 months overstay and how much to get ECC and I don’t have Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) or Immigration Certificate of Registration (ICR) I’m Egyptian and I’m leaving to Jakarta in July 1st so I need to know asap all what i need

    1. mbannist Post author

      Hi there,
      The schedule of fines for overstaying is as follows. You will need to pay for all visa extensions you should have paid which is currently 4900php per 2 month plus an ACR card @ $50 US dollars and 500 php express lane fee that is approximately 17,200 php. In addition you will need to pay 500php per month overstayer fine and a file a motion for reconsideration for overstaying that is a further 510 php plus 300 php application fee. Total is 20,000 approx. That might sound steep but the actual penalty portion of that is under 4000php the rest are charges you would have incurred had your stay been legal. You will also require an ECC on departure which is either type A or B depending on if you are planning to return during the life of your ACR. Al that being said I do not find you on the list of Visa free arrival countries, which may mean that the conditions surrounding your visa are more stringent. My advice is to immediately contact the Bureau by phone and explain your situation, so that you are prepared in advance for any action the Bureau may take. Good luck and please let us know the outcome

      1. Mike Smith

        I hold a 13a visa and will be doing my ECC at the airport prior to departure. Cost of ECC about 2300 pesos plus Travel tax 1600 and terminal fee 550? total costs almost 4500 pesos per trip…..disgraceful, Before it was only ECC plus terminal fee. Now suddenly add Travel Tax. This is unreasonable double taxation. We have to protest,

        1. mbannist Post author

          Hi there, don’t know what happened to my original reply, sorry about that.

          Yes the fees are high after the initial 30 days.

          You can spend 20000 plus a year to stay here, if you are utilising ongoing tourist visas. Then you have an annual ACR and ECC if you have been here for more than 6 months.
          Luckily we 13a’s are not subject to those charges and after we pay for our probationary and full visa, we pay nothing for 5 years except the annual review and then only $50 US for our five year ACR. I think we get a far better deal than tourists, and if it helps to self fund a better immigration service, I really don’t mind.

          Enjoy your trip

  39. Mhel

    Hi I would like to know about ECC because my husband is going to apply a resident visa he is a British citizen and I am Filipino citizen. Just wondering because one of the requirements in getting a resident visa is Immigration clearance certificate. Hope to hear your idea soon thank you.

  40. Ly Nguyen

    Good day po. My son is Philippine-born foreign national,was born last June 27, holding Vietnam passport. We will go back to our country this August 13. An immigration officer told me that i need to secure ECC for my son, documents required including Birh Cert from NSO. I’d like to ask we foreigner also has to apply for this kind of Birth Cert while we already have Birth Cert from our Embassy in the Philippines? Can i just submit birth cert that issued by Embassy? And i also tried to ask NSO for a copy of Birth Cert (BC), but received negative result because of no record. People said that the BC from NSO only be ready after born 2-6 months. It will be a problem if any tourist “accidently” gives birth here in the PI then not allowed to go back to country after that until 2-6months later just because of this NSO Birth Cert. Im very worried since today is July 28 already. Hope to hear your advice po. Thank you so much.

    1. mbannist Post author

      Hi there
      I swould go back to the hospital/ birthing centre where the baby was born and get them to provide you with an original certificate or if you already have one, take that to BI who will be aware of the time constraints. Their major concern is child traffiking so the one issued by your embassy is likely to need an official translation so they can read it. No guarantees but another person in your circumstances was granted exit. Your son will require a ECC A as a Philippines born foreign national leaving the Philippines for the first time. Cost is around 1000php and it must be purchased from a BI office, you will only require an ECC if you have been here more than six months and were on a visitor visa.
      Let us know how you go please

      1. Ly Nguyen

        How about tourist visa po? Since born up to the date of leaving he will be about almost 2 months old, he needs to extend visa for how long? Does the policy of 30 days free stay still apply for him? Meaning i will extend 1 month more for him only. Thank you.

        1. mbannist Post author

          Hi There, have you talked to BI about this issue, as it would seem to me that if you have a Vietnam passport for your son your issue is that he is a Philippines born foreign national leaving the country for the first time.
          If you have a visitor visa for the period since his birth then an ECC A obtainable from a BI office, plus keeping that visa up to date is all you need. The timetable should be put before the BI and maybe a copy of the hospital birth certicate will be acceptable, but you really need to talk with them as they do have certain powers of discretion.

          1. Ly Nguyen

            Thank you so much for your information and advice. I’ve just done processing today, this is an update for those who will need.

            – Firstly, BI will require you to fill the Alient Registration Program (ARP) form. (get it at the counter near Window 1 – attach one 2×2 photo of baby) then get the Queue number and wait for calling. They will take capture of baby and request for a xerox of your baby’s passport Bio-page, Birth Cert (either from NSO or your Embassy are accepted). A piece of paper with registered number will be issued to you – keep it for ECC application.
            – Secondly, go to the Public Assistance near the stair to get Tourist Visa Ext form. After filling, ask them again for the queue number.Submit the form and passport at Window 23-24. Policy of 30 days free stay is not applicable, meaning u need to ext visa from the date of birth. My son is 1.5 month, have to ext 2mths . Total amount need to pay is 7.518php. After done with payment u may to directly to Window 30 to claim Passport with stamp already. For I-Card, be back after 30 mins at the window u submit Visa ext application form.
            – Now, it’s ECC’s turn. Go back to the counter u process the ARP to get ECC Application form (There is another form also i do not remember the name, but just need to write down baby’s name in capital and sign your name with remark “by mother” or “by father” below the first place to attach photo (but do not stick any photo here), your name and signature at the second place. Then submit to them with the piece of paper they gave to u before after registering ARP and three 2×2 photos of baby, two 2×2 photos of father/mother who will accompany with baby when travel. One copy of baby’s birth cert and passport bio-page, one copy of mother/father’s passport bio-page. They will attach all the papers with photos and queue number. U go to Window 6 to submit it. Wait for receipt and pay 500php for express lane. A paper with stated claim date will be given to u. Mostly it will be within 3 working days.

            I have copy of flight ticket, but they did not request for it, only ask the exact departure date 😀

            Hope my experience will help 🙂

          2. mbannist Post author

            Thanks for that great personal information, it will be very useful to our many visitors. It is people like you that provide information about unusual issues that make this site work. Have a great trip home

  41. Amybarit

    My daughter is Philippine born with US pssport tru CRBA.i am filipina with US citizen fiancée..I didn’t apply for her Philippine passport and we will soon leave on the 12 of August for the first time with my fiancée visa and my daughter US passport. Can I just use her US passport to get ecc.? Is there any problem in BI later when she don’t have pi passport.i will appreciate your answer… Thanks

    1. mbannist Post author

      Good Morning. The only issue you may have, leaving on a US passport is that your daughter could be considered liable for visa fees for the period she has been in the Philippines. I have two suggestions
      Firstly contact BI on the number (02) 465 2400. Ask for the Public Assistance Unit and explain your situation. I am not prepared to make our advice more explicit. (The response to these situations has been inconsistent over the years).
      Secondly contact DFA and see if you can obtain a passport in an emergency for your daughter, if they are going to process any overstayer fees.
      I would be thrilled if you have the time to share the outcome with us.

      1. Amy barit

        Hello there!
        Thank you for the suggestions, i did what u
        told me to do but not the passport yet.it might be an option because im still confused. I called BI main but it all turns out in frustrations because i cant call nobody is answering from those extension numbers the agent gave me.so what i did is i called the field office here in laoag city the guy told me the same as u said but he said one thing, my daughter can leave the country withh ECC and something like a registration..is it the ACR or ICR? Im not sure about which one? So i called again the NAIA terminal 1 BI and lady said the same but shes uncertain which registration..please i know u can enlighten me on this..thank u so much

        1. mbannist Post author

          I am not sure about the registration you are talking about. The ACR Card is about rrecognising her as a US citizen, and could involve bif overstayer fees. My suggestion now would be to attend your local field office and get a written ruling on what you will have to do and the costs involved in getting your daughter out of the country on her US passport.
          If they are not acceptable for whatever reason then I would suggest contacting the DFA. If your child is under 12months you can avail yourself of their emergency service, which could enable you to get the passport in quicker time.
          Let me know the outcome please, if you have time.

          1. Amybarit



            • Valid passport – at least 6 months;
            • Valid Original visa for port of entry( when required); and
            • For tourists, a return ticket. (Memorandum Order No. MCL – 07 -019 issued on October 24, 2007).

            ARRIVAL AND STAY

            1. Filipinos with dual or multiple citizenship shall present, upon arrival in any port of entry in the Philippines, either a Philippine or foreign passport.

            2. Filipinos with dual or multiple citizenship, who represents a foreign passport, may be admitted for an indefinite period of stay, being a Filipino, provided, he/she possesses and shows a genuine and valid Philippine passport and/or Identification Certificate. In the foreign passport, the immigration officer shall put either of the following notation on the provision for the authorized stay in the arrival stamp:

            L“IC” – if an Identification Certificate is presented.


            Filipinos with dual or multiple citizenship, who presented a foreign passport at the time of their admission into the Philippines may be cleared for departure without need of surrendering a certificate, permit or proof of payment of imposable immigration fees, provided, he/she also shows a genuine and valid passport and/or Identification Certificate. However, if the Filipino does not have a Philippine passport, an Emigration Clearance Certificate (ECC) fee of P710.00 shall be charged for using a foreign passport upon departure.

            In the arrival, stay and departure of Filipinos with dual or multiple citizenship, where the Filipino presents a Philippine passport and a foreign passport, the arrival or departure stamp shall be stamped on both passports. In the foreign passport, the immigration officer shall put either of the following notations on the provision for the authorized stay in the arrival or departure stamp:

            “PP”- if a Philippine passport is also presented, or
            “IC” – if an Identification Certificate is presented.

            Don’t forget about the “on-ward ticket rule” when arriving & departing the Philippines!
            This is from The immigration but why r they telling me to get a registration..

          2. mbannist Post author

            a few weeks ago we had a similar case where the Filipino was leaving one a foreign passport and went to the local BI and got that anotation on the foreign passport on presentation of proof of identity such as a birth cerificate. Give that a try

  42. Amy barit

    Hi once again!!
    I really try my best to answer my queries and somebody really had the time to answer it may not be the best but i think this is the right one from BI…all i need is to register my daughter for ALIEN REGISTRATION PROGRAM or ARC to get ECC and it will take 2 to 3 days for my daughter to be register. Thank u so much for taking your time to read.

    1. mbannist Post author

      Ok Amy if that is what you think is the best course of action, I wish you well. Actually going to the BI will get clarification as well, please ask them about the registration that I talked about which was central to the information they provided you:

      Filipinos with dual or multiple citizenship, who presented a foreign passport at the time of their admission into the Philippines may be cleared for departure without need of surrendering a certificate, permit or proof of payment of imposable immigration fees, provided, he/she also shows a genuine and valid passport and/or Identification Certificate. However, if the Filipino does not have a Philippine passport, an Emigration Clearance Certificate (ECC) fee of P710.00 shall be charged for using a foreign passport upon departure.

      In the arrival, stay and departure of Filipinos with dual or multiple citizenship, where the Filipino presents a Philippine passport and a foreign passport, the arrival or departure stamp shall be stamped on both passports. In the foreign passport, the immigration officer shall put either of the following notations on the provision for the authorized stay in the arrival or departure stamp:

      “PP”- if a Philippine passport is also presented, or
      “IC” – if an Identification Certificate is presented.

      Good luck and safe journey

  43. Axit Choksi

    Hello Po..

    I am Indian National. I came in philippines in 2010 for study. I completed my education since 2014. From that time i did not renew my visa. Recently i get marry with Filipina. I apply TRV through agent. Now there is a family matter and i need to go back to India. I also want to bring my wife with me. What i have to do please give me information on this. I have to go soon as possible.

    Somebody help me…

    1. mbannist Post author

      Can I clarify that you have addressed the issue of your lack of documentation since 2014 and obtained a TRV, or is this still in process; are you planning to apply for a PRV by marriage, is your aim to remain here or eventually return to India. Trying to provide assistance without the full details can lead to the spread of misinformation.

  44. Alex Carter

    I hav a frnd who holds tourist/visitor visa but he didnot extended since one year. He want to stay here for long kindly advice what best can be done

    1. mbannist Post author

      Am I correct in my understanding. Your friend arrived here on a visitor visa, but has not renewed it for 12 months. This means he is an overstayer and since September last year the Bureau has been treating this as a very serious offence. As the Bureau treats each case on its merits and takes into account the attitude of the overstayer, my advice would be to contact the public assistance unit at the BI head Office on (02) 465 2400. Clearly explain the circumstance that led to your friend overstaying. Ignorance is not considered an excuse. If you are fortunate you will be fined and allowed to stay. The schedule of fines for overstaying is as follows. You will need to pay for all visa extensions you should have paid which is currently 4900php per 2 month plus an ACR card @ $50 US dollars and 500 php express lane fee that is approximately 17,200 php. In addition you will need to pay 500php per month overstayer fine and file a motion for reconsideration for overstaying that is a further 510 php plus 300 php application fee. Total is 20,000 approx. That might sound steep but the actual penalty portion of that is under 4000php the rest are charges you would have incurred had your stay been legal. You may also be the subject of a deportation order with no return for a specified time.
      Sorry I don’t have better news for your friend. Pleaset us know the outcome

  45. Kim

    Good morning po, me and my son will going to korea and im holding my spouse visa my son holding two passport philippine and korean. Do i need to secure ECC for our leaving? How much? My husband already buy a ticket for us and leaving this august 24. Need your answer please

    1. mbannist Post author

      You will require an ECC;
      the type will depend on if your departure is permanent as in you do not plan to return in the near future or temporary meaning you intend to return during the lifetime of your current ECR card. If you are leaving permanently than an ECC A is required for you only, as your son will travel using his Philippines passport and his Korean passport to enter South? Korea. Present both on departure. This must be obtained from the BI office nearest you at least three days before departure. It is valid for one month.
      If you plan to return to the Philippines then you will require an ECC B which can be obtained at the airport on your departure, once again your son will travel using both his passports and not require the ECC.
      Hope that helps.

  46. zubat

    Hi, good evening. I was a student in the Philippines, and upon the completion of my studies, had to have my visa downgraded to 9a, as I needed to stay a while longer to process certain documents from my university. Now I already received my ECC and had no issues leaving the country aroud 2 months ago. However my question is, will I have any issues re-entering now as I intend to go back there for a short 2 week break. I am Malaysian by the way. As I understand Malaysians of course are granted visa on arrival for 30 days but I was just wondering if my previous downgrading would have any effect on my re-entry as a tourist. Once again, I did secure my ECC (not sure which type) before leaving properly. Thank you

    1. mbannist Post author

      A downgrade is only detrimental if it is made by BI. If you took the steps in accordance with the terms of your 9g, then you have no worries about returning as a visitor/tourist or for that matter any other visa you might seek in the future provided you meet the criteria. Enjoy your visit

      1. Zubat

        Sorry but a follow up question, what do you mean it would be detrimental of it was made by the BI? I think I followed the steps in accordance with my 9f but I’m not sure, could you clarify? As in what would be the normal downgrading which would allow me to come back as a tourist , and what situation would be an issue for me? Thanks again

        1. Zubat

          Added info, when I processed my downgrade, I provided photocopies of my passport (Last arrival, front bio page, current visa), NBI clearance that’s valid, and a letter explaining to reason I needed to downgrade (needed to extend my visa and could nonlinear avail to a student visa as I had already graduated). My final date for my student visa was July 15th 2016, the downgraded visa was from July 21st till September 12th 2016, process at th3 student desk, with the stamp indicating to leave, and to secure Ecc. I left on July 22nd itself, once again after settling any fines and obtaining my ECC.

          1. mbannist Post author

            You had 5 days overstay fines, which you paid before leaving, and apparently everything else was in order or they wouldn’t let you leave. From the information you have provided I see no reason why they would refuse you entry as a tourist whn you return. Thde overstayer fee is minor and unless they conveyed otherwise would not disqualify you from returning.

        2. mbannist Post author

          If the BI catches you breaking the immigration laws in any way they can downgrade or cancel your visa, for instance being here on a student visa but not meeting the criteria of your course, could cause them to either downgrade you to tourist visa or ask you to leave. These are cases where the law has been broken. What you describe is you downgrading your visa at the end of your course.

          1. Zubat

            Thank you for the help. I did manage to get through to the Embassy of Philippines in Malaysia and explained my situation, and they said they same thing you did, so thank you once again 🙂

  47. Radz

    Hello All !
    I am a 9G dependent visa holder and now might be offered a job here.
    The company indicated that I have to leave Philippines and come back so that they can process my work permit. (they suggested i take a visitors visa again ) .
    My current visa is valid until late 2017 and i am hoping to verify that this is indeed the procedure to follow?
    I am concerned that my present visa will be affected in this case.
    Please help?

    1. mbannist Post author

      Hi Radz,
      Firstly you need to be sure that the company promising a hire, has done its homework.
      This is both that:
      a) They have a sustainable job that they can offer you
      b) That they and the job meet the criteria that will enable them to offer it to an alien.
      Until you have that don’t change anything because downgrading effectively cancels your current visa and it cannot be reversed except by a fresh application, which is quite expensive.
      The nature of the visa is that it is for pre-arranged employment, indicating that you should get your offer while you are out of the country, return to the Philippines on a 9a and apply for the 9g this time as the principal rather than a dependent.
      As in all things BI it is best to have the final word from them, so if you can visit a BI office and pose the question, the answer you receive will be bankable

  48. Nrock

    Hello.My ECC is valid till Nov 17 2016. I am on 9A and my SWP is valid till Nov 20 2016.But due to some reasons I would like to extend my stay here in philippines. Should i cancel my ECC ? What is the option i have in order to stay back here in phililippines?

    1. mbannist Post author

      It will depend on your reasons for staying. If it involves further work of any kind, you would have the option of extending for a further 3months or if you have already done this you would probably have to leave the country and apply again.
      Apart from that you can just cancel your ecc and get a new one, no refunds available, but you can always try. Extend your visitor visa and as long as you are only a tourist you should be able to stay up to three years depending on your nationality.
      Good luck

  49. Samuel Davies

    Our children born here in the Philippines have traveled to the UK previously on their Philippine Passport as they have Right of Abode in the UK through decendancy. They are currently applying for a British Passport. The next time they travel they will use their British Passport to enter the UK. Will they require an ECC as it will be the first time they will have traveled out of the Philippines on a foreign passport although they have previously traveled on their Philippines passport?

    1. mbannist Post author

      You are better off declaring both passport when you leave the country with your children. As this establishes their right to leave the country without being charged overstayer fees. Which can sometimes, not always, be a problem.

      You can also avoid paying for an ecc by leaving the country in this way.
      That said what you save on an ecc will be offset by travel tax which each child will have to pay.
      So depending on their ages and the ecc you are going to obtain, it may not be cost effective to take that path.

      Who should apply for an Emigration Clearance Certificate?

      ECC has two (2) types, ECC –A (also referred to as regular ECC and ECC-B.

      The following foreign nationals must secure an ECC-A prior to their departure:

      Holders of Temporary Visitor Visa (also referred to as tourist visa) who have stayed in the Philippines for six (6) months or more;
      Holders of expired or downgraded Immigrant or Non-Immigrant Visas;
      Holders of valid Immigrant or Non-Immigrant Visas but are leaving for good;
      Philippine-born foreign nationals who will depart from the Philippines for the first time;
      Holders of Temporary Visitor Visa with Orders to Leave;
      Bona fide seafarers who have stayed in the Philippines for 30 days or more and has a duly approved discharge from BI.
      ECC-B is issued to departing holders of Immigrant and Non-Immigrant visas with valid ACR I-Cards and are leaving the country temporarily.

      When should I apply for an ECC?

      A foreign national may apply for an ECC at least 72 hours prior to his/her departure from the Philippines.

      Here is the link to the application form

      This is what the ecc-a certificate looks like
      That is what you will get if you are leaving for the forseeable future cost approximately 1210php must be obtained from a Bureau of Immigration Office.
      This is what the ecc-b certificate looks like.
      That is what you get if you are planning to return in the foreseeable future. Cost approx 2880php. Can be obtained at the airport on the day of travel.
      Travel tax is either 1350 or 810 for children as opposed to 1620php for adults flying economy or 2700php for those flying first class.

      Hope that hasn’t confused you, but do use both passports on departure and arrival in the UK.

      1. Samuel Davies

        Thanks for the reply and links to the ECC applications. We are going to show both passports on departure. We will also take with us the the expired Philippine Passports that contain the expired Right of Abode Certificate which is replaced by the British Passport

  50. Imelda

    Hi i am a philippine citizen and have a 6 yrs old swedish citizen son , we came from sweden last dec 8, 2014, to apply for my residence permit, still no result until now , my son is overstay now do i need to pay for his penalty eventhough i am a phillippine citizen? If ever how much does it cost?



    1. mbannist Post author

      Imelda, i don’t quite understand. Are you awaiting a response from the Swedish government. If you are expecting to be here a while you could apply for a Philippines passport for your son which could reduce your costs. Otherwise you will be required to pay outstanding fees and fines. Outstanding visa fees to date are 43,800 approx plus overstay fine of 500 php per month for 24 months, a reconsideration for overstaying of 510 php, the application fee for overstaying is 300, two years ACR card 5000. Atotal of 62000 php approx. Having said that, it is the worst case scenario. My advice is you phone the Public Assistance office on (02) 465-2400 xtn 135, 136, 107 and tell them your story, several people have reported that in circumstances similar, but bot the same, thry have received less costly options. Please let us know how it turns out. and don’t forget the passport option.

      1. Imelda

        Im waiting for the swedish response for my application , my son is the reason why i need to live in sweden because he is under my custody and i was seperated with my son father, it cost alot i dont have work here in philippines i hope they will give me a consideration for his stay here in philippines.



  51. Vicky Cheal salda

    Hi there. I’m on a 13a permanent visa now but we are wanting to move to the uk so I need to go ahead. If I got ecc. B do you have to return within a year? Cause my concern is that I go to uk and then we can’t get his visa if I use ecc-a then would I have to restart my visa even though it’s permanent or what would happen? If I get b and don’t return would their be consequences? Any suggestions would be helpful as I know my son shouldn’t need ecc as he’ll be using Philippines passport to leave and British passport to enter.

    1. mbannist Post author

      Vicky I think you need to contact the Bureau and tell them your dilemma. My reading of the regulations is that a 13a is meant to be planning to reside here, so that is why the restrictions on being out of the country apply. However they do have some discretion and if you presented to them a reasonable scenario they can give a grace period.

      My advice is to approach the Public assistance desk of the Bureau on (02) 465-2400 Extension 135, 136, 107 and get a response from them. Please let us know the outcome for the information of others.

  52. Rena

    Hi, my bf has been staying in the Philippines with tourist/visitor visa for over a year without ACR card. He’ll go back to his country on 15th Jan. His visa expired on 18th jan.
    My questions are:
    1) What type of ECC he should apply? He’ll come back to the Philippines after a month, but I’m guessing since he doesn’t have any valid tourist visa anymore to continue so he should apply for an ECC A?
    2) Does he really need an ACR card to apply for an ECC? I’ve read that you should apply an ACR card along with the visa extension. But he doesn’t need another extension, because he still has a valid visa. Should he really apply for another month of visa extension just to get an ACR card so that he can apply for an ECC?
    3) If that was the case, so he should wait until the ACR card is ready/done before he can apply for the ECC?

    Thank you 🙂

    1. mbannist Post author

      Did the bureau of immigration allow your bf to stay without an acr, which is against their policy.
      Ask your bf to check dates and if he left the country at all during his stay, as he cannot be the holder of a 12 month 9a visitor visa without an ACR.
      Get back to me with any additional information that could change the information you originally provided
      Otherwise my advice is that you contact your local BI and explain his circumstances and get a ruling from them, otherwise he could face penalties when he tries to leave.
      Legally after two months in the Philippines, a tourist visa holder 9a must obtain a ACR card, Under those circumstance he would require an ECC A

      The following foreign nationals must secure an ECC-A prior to their departure:

      Holders of Temporary Visitor Visa (also referred to as tourist visa) who have stayed in the Philippines for six (6) months or more;
      Holders of expired or downgraded Immigrant or Non-Immigrant Visas;
      Holders of valid Immigrant or Non-Immigrant Visas but are leaving for good;
      Philippine-born foreign nationals who will depart from the Philippines for the first time;
      Holders of Temporary Visitor Visa with Orders to Leave;
      Bona fide seafarers who have stayed in the Philippines for 30 days or more and has a duly approved discharge from BI.

      Sorry cant be more helpful but your bf story points to a failure on the part of BI to uphold its own policy, and they rarely do that these days.


    My dad is a US Citizen. He arrived in the Phils August 9, 2016 and will leave for US Feb12, 2017. Will he still be needing to apply the ECC? If no, better. If yes, how do we go about it?

    Thank you and hope to hear from you soonest.

    1. mbannist Post author

      Hi there, If you father came on Balikbayan, he will not require ECC.
      If he came on tourist visa he will require ECC A from a BI office nearest you.
      If he came on a 13a visa and intends to return in the near future he can avail of a ECC B obtainable at the airport.
      Sorry can’t be more specific as your info was limited.

  54. Carina

    My nephew is australian and has has two children to a philippine girlfriend in the philippines
    He has been allowed voluntary deportation, as he overstayed his philippine visa by 4 years.
    The boys are 3 and 4.
    On 13 Jan 2017 he got australian citizenship for both children
    On 3 Feb 2017 they recieved australian passports.
    They are intending to leave philippines on March 16 2016 indefinately
    What do we need to do in regards to fees for ACR and ECC cards?
    Are the children required to pay for both.ACR and ECC fees or will the ACR not apply.
    And how much will it cost.
    Nephew has been to Immigration office today and has been given numerous quotes for the boys. What is the actual costs?

    1. mbannist Post author

      I would normally advise him to obtain Philippine passports for both children as this means all they have to pay on departure is airport fees and travel tax. It would have avoided the somewhat inconsistent approach that some officers in some offices have towards overstayer fees for children. Having said that the last few kids i have been involved with who have similar situations, have been subject to minimal fees as their Filipino nationality has been recognised and endorsed on their Australian passports.
      He is able to pay for his own ECC A as of now. I advise that he attend the BI nearest to him and present the facts and ask that the children’s passports be endorsed as dual nationals. This should result in the children avoiding huge overstayer fees. Given the date of the them receiving their passports they may avoid paying for ACR cards, but would need ECC A which is 1210 php for adults and 710 for each child. Please let us know the outcome for future reference

  55. Laura

    Hello. I have been in the Philippines since November of 2016 and leaving the first week of April 2017. I have not received my ACR Card yet and am wondering once I do what ECC information I need.

    1. mbannist Post author

      If you are on a tourist visa Sec 9a and have not been here for 6 months then you will not need an ECC.

      Safe Journey

  56. Ning

    Our expat has a Visa 47(A)(2) and ACR ICard. If he needs to travel outside the country, does he need to pay the ECC Php3000? Will he be required to pay the said amount everytime he travels out of the PH?

    1. mbannist Post author

      The Visa of a person exempted from ECC fees contains the text “Exempted from ECC/SRC” and the Endorsement Letter contains the words “free from payment of visa and immigration fees”.

      Non-exempt visa holders will find the text “To secure ECC/SRC upon departure” on their visa.

      The decision of exactly who will be exempt from paying these immigration fees lies solely with the Department of Justice on a discretionary basis and will often be dependent on the employee’s sponsoring company.

      The departure immigration fees are currently set at Php 2,880.00 for both ECC and SRC fee for the first departure from the Philippines and at Php 2,170.00 for all subsequent departures. These payments can be paid in cash (Philippine peso) at the airport and receipts will be issued upon payment. Children under 14 years of age pay at least Php 2,130.00 for the initial travel and Php 1,670 for all subsequent departures. Note that the fees for the ECC and SRC may be changed by the Bureau of Immigration without prior notice.

      You are advised to check this information with your local BI office to confirm its accuracy



      1. eyake

        Hi, our new japanese emloyee had a tourist visa that is valid until june 28, 2017, she is staying here for more than 6months. This month, we applied her 47a2 visa and was approved. Now, does she need to secure ecc because she is leaving june 24, 2017 but be back on July 1st week.

        1. mbannist Post author

          yes she will need ecc A as she has been in the country for over 6 months. this must be applied for at a field office or head office of BI. see HERE for complete instructions.
          You can obtain at BI Intramouros or at the airport see HERE

  57. Loveph


    The Philippines Bureau of Immigation states that an ECC-A must be secured for tourist visa holders prior to departure if they have stayed in the Philippines for 6 months or more. Right?

    Therefore my question: is this 6 months period always counted from the LATEST day of arrival in the Philippines?

    Let’s take a simple example:
    *) A tourist stays in the Philippines for more than 6 months then secures an ECC-A before leaving.
    *) The same tourist returns to the Philippines shortly after and stays 2 months before leaving.
    Question: Does this tourist need to secure an ECC-A before leaving for his 2 months stay (knowing that he stayed more than 6 months the previous time)?

    Thank you.

    1. mbannist Post author

      You count your time for visas from the moment you last entered the philippines. So the system will only see you having been here for two months, if that was the last time you entered. All previous entries are ignored because they were transactions completed.

  58. Judy

    Hello 🙂 May I ask about the Visa 9G please? My visa will be expired on July 10. Is it okay to fly back to my country and fly back to the Philippines in the last week of June? Will there be any problem that my flight dates are only 10 days ahead from the expiration date of my 9G Visa?

    Thank you a lot!

    1. mbannist Post author

      The conditions of your 9G visa should be printed or written on it or the stamp in your passport.
      As an employed person, your work may also want to have a say in if you should go, and could express opposition to the Bureau.
      Apart from that you should be fine to leave and return. You may be asked why so close to the end of your visa and your response could put you on an alert list for overstaying.

  59. mike

    I am a native born chinese citizen living in the philippines, got my first time proc passport last november 2016. I will be using it for the first time travelling with my filipino gf to singspore on oct 2017. during my childhood days, i have travelled to china using travel documents in the late 90’s and early 2000. what should i secure an ECC-A or ECC-B? frim what i have been reading from previous post I should secure an ECC-B. can you clarify me? What about th Re entry permit? before it was the color blue book thing. I have a valid acr card and always paid on time and renewed also after 5 years of validity.

    1. mbannist Post author

      You will require an ECC B. Your re entry permit is included in the ECC B for a short trip, under one year, that will be all you need. Have a great holiday

      1. mike

        thank you for your assistance, one last thing, my travel date is on october 1,2017 which is a sunday. i am planning to get ECC-B on the main office of immigration in intramuros to avoid the hassle. Is it wise to acquire it two weeks advance like on september 18,2017 which is monday before the flight date? does it have an expiration date? thank you again

        1. mbannist Post author

          Wise thinking as although the ECC B is supposed to be available at the airport, the kiosk is known to be shut on weekends and public holidays due to staff shortages.
          the ECC B has a life of one month so your timetable is great.
          The ECC B can only be used on one occasion.

  60. Luciano yama

    Hello.. i am brazilian. I have a filipina girlfriend.we have a son 1year and 4mos old. Our son born in phil. He have a brazil passport only. His mom and i are not married yet. I am permanent resident in japan. And i plan to travel to japan or brazil with my son two of us only.. do i need to have a travel clearance for my baby because he was born in phil? What is the requirements to get when we travel together? Thank u

    1. mbannist Post author

      Please verify my advice by phoning the BI helpline (02)465-2400 Ext’s 107, 135, 136, as the rules about possible child trafficking are tightening all the time.. The fact that the child has a Brazilian passport, should identify him as your son. A letter from your wife and a return ticket for both of you from your trip would assist as well.
      If you have a copy of the baby’s birth certificate with your name as father and your g/friend as mother and her citizenship as Filipino could get around the 16 months of overstaying charges and ECC charges you would be liable for as your son is travelling on a Brazilian Passport. The better way would be to obtain a Filipino passport for your son which would mean your only outlay would be the travel tax !520. for you if you are a permanent resident and 810 for your son. Hope that helps

  61. Cheryl

    I am a US Citizen who holds a valid Permanent Resident status – 13A – married to a Filipino. I’ve read on your forum that I can obtain a ECC B at the airport, which I am intending to do. I’m wondering what I need to bring for it other than my US Passport and my ACR card, Ticket. Will I need photos as well? I am crossing my fingers that the Airport desk for issuing the ECC B’s is open as I am arriving at 2 pm to MNL for a flight out that night at 8:45 PM. It is a Friday to boot. Thank you for the great information you are providing. My local BOI office here in Puert Princesa told me that I did not need an ECC since I was married to a Filipino and had an ACR card……..so much for that.

    1. mbannist Post author

      The only time an ECC is not required is for stays of less than 6 months or if you entered the country under Balikbayan privilege, meaning you travelled here with you spouse and had your passport stamped as Balikbayan.
      I assume that you are leaving temporarily. in which case the ECC B is the correct ECC. Here is the link to the application form.
      You will require two passport type photographs 2×2″ I would get them in advance, just to be sure and I would get 6.
      Other documentation they could ask you for, but this isn’t consistent are:

      1. 3 Photocopies of the passport pages with your biodata and last visa stamp (the 13a permanent).
      2. Receipt for payment of your last visa application. The 13a permanent.
      3. Photocopy of both sides of your ACR card.
        Hope that helps, enjoy your trip
  62. Christian

    I am an American citizen on a student visa. I recently graduated and am planning to go back home at the end of July. My student visa expires at the beginning of August. I asked an immigration officer at my local provincial branch and they said that I had to downgrade it? May I have an explanation on what that means exactly? They didn’t really answer my questions, just insisted that I go to the main branch in Manila. Also, my little brother, who is a dual citizen, will be returning with me to move back and continue his school in the US. He only has an American passport. Does he require any additional steps? Thank you in advance! 🙂

    1. mbannist Post author

      First of I would be checking with the BI help line about how much grace you have between graduation and when you plan to leave, if you can make a case for that time it may not be an issue.
      Things like getting counselling from current academic staff about future education; moving out of accomodation; selling vehicles or looking at future educational opps here in the philippines may make your case. It is worth talking with them.
      If not it means that you will go to your nearest BI office with the delegation to downgrade and downgrade to a visitor visa for the remainder of your stay. This will involve payment of the appropriate visa fees and if over 2 months could entail a new ACR card. You can ring the BI helpline on (02-465-2400 Extension 213)
      Sorry I can’t be more specific as BI has some discretion in what grace period they give, if it isn’t specified in the visa you have.
      Your brother needs to go to BI and show his citizenship papers and see if they will make a notation on his US passport that he is a dual citizen. This should be done prior to departure as the notation needs to be from a field office.
      Jope that helps and please let me know the outcome

    1. mbannist Post author

      you have to make a statutory declaration that you have searched for and cannot find the said receipt. You should have the stamp in your passport this is another line of defence against forgery.

  63. Kathleen

    My sister is born in the PH(she has an NSO certified BC) and have only acquired her Aus citizenship on March 2017. We have only applied for an Australian passport for her and she departs the PH on June 13 2017 to Aust. She doesnt have a PH passport nor a Recognition as Filipino Citizenship certificate (as her mother is PH born and citizen as well). Should she just apply for an ECC-A before she exits? Would that be alright? She doesnt have an ACR-I card which says on the ECC application form. What should she do?

    1. mbannist Post author

      i am sorry for the delay in replying but Globe has oversold its new program and us old customers have been left without any internet for days. This from a friends browser.
      Your sister needs to attend her nearest BI office so that she can get a notation on her passport indicating the Filipino citizenship. She has her Birth certificate to prove this so the process should be painless.
      This will avoid the issue of getting overstayer penalties.
      Then she will need as you said to obtain an ECC A
      Safe travels

  64. Sophie

    Hi. I went to the BI extension unit here in our province. Unfortunately , they said they do not process such case since my daughter is a holder of a US passport leaving for the first time (expired ph passport [expired last May 2017]) and was referred to the main office instead. Our flight is scheduled next week. Any idea on whats the best way to do? How much would it cost us in securing ecc? Thanks in advance.

    1. mbannist Post author

      Your daughter was a Philippines citizen until she relinquished it to obtain her US passport, you really need to establish the timeline for that, by presenting her passport and nso certified birth certificate, at the head office. You will need to ascertain from them them a ruling on the ECC, as she is not a foreign national born in the Philippines, but a Filipino citizen holding a filipino passport, only recently expired.

  65. Mushi

    Hello po,
    I am nepalese student currently graduated from the philippines. My visa is until july 15 but i am leaving on june 22. I am aksed to downgrade my visa. But i am confuse that why do i need to downgrade my visa if it is still valid until i leave.please can u explain me the reason. Or can i only apply for ecc without downgrading my visa.

    1. mbannist Post author

      Sorry for the late reply I am having Globe problems.
      The Student visa ends when you complete all aspects of the approved course of study, not on the date on the visa. Given theshort period of time until you travel you may be able to make a case for finalising your affairs related to the course, only. Otherwise you need to do as requested. You will need an ECC A, which needs to be obtained at your nearest BI office.

  66. jtona

    I am a US citizen and had a baby with Filipina in the Philippines.. we got her Philippine passport after birth and just recently received her US citizenship papers and US Paspsort in preparation for my fiancées and babies trip to the USA.
    So she now has not valid passports of Philippines and USA… she is 2 years old

    By presenting BOTH passports upon departure from the Philippines will the ECC be waived? Since she was born in country and this is her 1st time traveling out?

    1. mbannist Post author

      She does not need an ECC as she is a Philippine citizen. So present both passports, she will not be liable for ECC bit will have to pay travel tax but the amount is less than the ECC A. I presume you have:
      a) all the visa’s sorted for entry into the US.
      b) that you will be travelling as a family.
      I ask because I recently came across a family that had not applied for visa to enter and stay in the US so I ask. Also if you are not travelling as a family then you need to have the parent not travelling go to DSWD and fill in A Parental Travel Permit which is a document issued by the DSWD to a minor traveling abroad accompanied only by one parent.
      Safe travels

  67. Carla

    Hello.Good day.I am a Filipina and had a baby born here in the Philippines with Chinese father.We got her Chinese passport only after birth.She is 2 months old now and she is leaving the country for the first time with me.Does she need to apply for ECC-A before she exits.Thank you

    1. mbannist Post author

      Hi Carla,
      She will be seen as a foreign national born in the Philippines as it stands at present and would require an ECC A, and may be subject to fines for overstaying.
      It is highly recommended that you get her a Philippines passport read about the process for one young mum here It is painless for infants if you complate the paperwork completely before going to DFA. If she has one she will not need an ECC and would not incur fines.
      The last option is that you take your baby’s birth certificate and the baby to you local BI and ask them to put an annotation in it saying that the child is a Filipino citizen but holds no passport. Clarify with the officer who does this what that means for her on leaving. As it can vary by officer.
      Enjoy your trip and enjoy China

      1. Carla

        Thank you for you’re fast reply.The problem is that dual citizenship are not allowed in China and his chinese father want her to be Chinese citizen only that is why i only got her Chinese passport.His father want us to live with him in China permanently.I have permanent resident visa in China but a Philippine passport holder.I just go back here in the Philippines to give birth and now my baby is two months old i am going travel with her to china to be with my husband.How much will be the cost of ecc a?thank you very much.

        1. mbannist Post author

          Ah ok, that is an issue, but not one that is insurmountable, the US is the same. Any way given your current situation, you will require an ECC A. The cost is one thousand peso approx. However your daughter could be subject to overstayer fees and fines, for the two months she has been here, You need to attend the BI office at Intramuros in Manila to see if you get this waived.
          Good luck in your new life

  68. Sam

    Hi. I’m Sam yung husband ko po kasi kanina yung flight (july11) hinarang sya nang bi officers Mali daw yung.clearance na dala Nya wala daw picture Kaya umuwi ulit Kami ang problem yung extension Nya till July 11 lang din hndi na sana sya mag extende kasi aalis n sya if kukuha sya nang ECC pwede ba makuha in 1day para hndi na sya mag bayad nang rebooked sa plane ticket Nya and need pa ba Nya mag extend kahit 1day lng pwede na sya umali? Sayang kasi if ppaextend pa sya 1month
    Sa bi makati .jupiter pwede ba kumuha nang ECC-A???

  69. Mesna

    My Boss ACR (9g Visa) already implemented, is it necessary for him to get ECC-B every time he go back to Japan for conference or meeting a matter of one to two weeks stay and again go back to Philippines?

    1. mbannist Post author

      yes it is but he will get a reduction of seven hundred peso, for every trip he takes out of the country after the first one, in any calender year.

  70. Grace

    My baby is turning 8months and born here in the Philippines,but he is a filipino-japanese,his japanese passport is possibly released(Aug.3)and he still doesn’t have a Philippine passport.There is a possibility to go out of the country which is (cambodia)on August 08, for a vacation for 3months or up..is he required to get ECC?Thanks in advance!

    1. mbannist Post author

      Without a Philippines passport he will require ECC-A. You may also need to pay overstayer fees for his eight months.. If you go to BI with his birth certificate you may be able to get this waived

  71. Reem


    I’m Singaporen, my husband got admitted at PGH on Jan when came there for business trip. Today he submitted ECC A application & asked to come back next week. Can we request BI to process the ECC by 2 days time? Is the any possibility?


  72. Candice

    Hi mbannist,

    I do have a 9 year old niece from my sister, which has valid US passport and was left behind since she was a baby (due to papers and passport were not prepared yet).
    We just discovered that having a valid US passport and a flight ticket cannot ensure my niece to fly out from the Philippines. So, I have searched, and concluded that we need to secure ECC-A, But when my Aunt went to the Main BI office for certainty of the requirements, they recommend to her to do the ‘recognition as a filipino citizen” for my niece; Which they explain it needs to do trails courts, 4-6 months processing, and a tedious list of requirements; Which is very hassle to us since we resides at Bukidnon, Mindanao. The only nearest BI office to us is at Cagayan De Oro City. Is there any way we can just pay and less paperworks? My Aunt is on senior age already, the parents of my niece is at US, and while me is an OFW here in Dubai. We don’t mind to pay more for the fees and fines, just to have a less stress for my Aunt.
    I have reached the BI support email, and they advised that we can just proceed to ECC-A, without recognition as a filipino citizen. But when I checked how to do it, we need to register for ACR and another list of requirements goes on. it really confuses me, because I need to organize and set all the things. Please do advise what is best please. I feel helpless what to do for my niece. Please help us!

    Thank you so much for your Advice!
    God bless you more.

    1. Candice

      Also, correct me if I am wrong with the process, this is merely based on my research:

      So if we decided to pursue for ECC-A .
      >To secure ECC-A – We need to pay the applied fees and penalties
      >To pay the applied fees and penalties- We need to register, to have ACR
      >To have ACR- we are in a category under “Philippine Born Registrants”
      >With “Philippine Born Registrants”- there is one requirement that bugs me, and I don’t know what it is, can you enlightened us please?. its the 4th requirement:

      4. Certified true copy issued by the Records Section (for internal verification purposes):
      i. Alien Social Integration Office (ASIO) and Authority to Accept Payment (ATAP) as well as visa implementation page (RA 7919 parents);
      ii. Order granting the EO 324 visa and passport page bearing the visa implementation page (EO 324 parents);

      What do you mean by these docs?

      these are my reference by the way:

      Thank you so much!

      1. mbannist Post author

        Ok let me just check i have the full story. You have a niece who is a US citizen. She did not go with her parents when they left because her paperwork was not ready. She is now going to the US and you want to know the best way through the process.
        If your niece has a filipino birth certificate then she can obtain a Philippines Passport which would void any concerns you have, In that case you would obtain the passport, for minors you do not need an appointment. Then you would present both passports on departure and your only requirement would be to pay the travel tax at the child rate.
        If you cannot get a passport but have a birth certificate you could go to BI at Cagayan De Oro and see if they will notate on the US passport that your niece is a Filipino. If so they will confirm that you need a ECC-A which you need to get within one month of travel, but at least three days before.
        If you cannot do either of the above you will need to obtain the ECC-A as above but will be subject to considerable fines, which could exceed 100,000 php.
        My advice is to obtain the Philippines passport if you can details Here

        1. Candice

          Hello mbannist!

          Yes, you got it right!
          Thank you so much for your advise. We will get our niece a phil.passport.Hope we can secure the ASC and SPA right away.
          Just a thought, is it okay upon application, we’ll reveal that she has a US passport already?

          Thank you so much for your dedication and giving us hope!

          God bless you more!

  73. jenipher

    Im jen. My daughter has american passport and CRBA. my daughter is 17 months old. Born here in phil. last july 21 i get her exit permit(ECC) at main office. but expired already last month aug 21. And now we wanna get her new exit clearance here in davao city. But the BI here ask me to get phil passport for my daughter. And if not. the fee tht i hve to paid is 34,000 bcoz they said my daughter is over stay already in phil. my daughter passport issued march 20, 2017. She dnt hve phil passport. Can u help for our concern pls. when i get her exit permit in magallanes drive, they not told like that. I just paid for ecc.

    1. mbannist Post author

      Unfortunately we have no power over the actions of BI. the Davao office is correct in what it was saying and you may well have been faced with a bill at the airport. My advice is to always retain your child citizenship, she has two and it will only add to her opportunities as she grows up. Don’t forget a lot can change in the next 18 years. The US is sliding down the scale and the Philippines is now the financial tiger of Asia. If you can get her Philippines passport, for a child her age you do not need an appointment just walk in. The process is quick if you have her birth certificate and a lot less expensive than 34000 plus that she will incur otherwise. Sorry I can’t offer better news

  74. John Brown

    Hi I need your help and advice.
    1, I have a Balakbayan visa.
    2, Arrived Philippines April 4 2017 left May 27 2017 for Hong Kong
    3, Arrived back in Philippines June 2nd 2017
    4, Leaving for U.K. October 9th 2017

    Will I need an Emigration Clearance Certificate

    I have received different answers from various sources including 2 different answers from DFA.
    Thank you for any advice you may be able to offer.
    Kind regards
    John Brown

    1. mbannist Post author

      When you left for Hong Kong was you Balikbayan privilege cancelled? This should have been the case.

      When you returned to the Philippines, from Hong Kong did you get a fresh balikbayan privilege. If so then you will not need an ECC.

      1. mbannist Post author

        John have you received my reply, as the reply sitting on my server is saying waiting for a spam check, so I just want to check that this is a wordpress glitch and you got my reply

  75. mike

    is the ECC-B the same as re entry permit? is there such thing as ECC-native born?

    Those acquired in the main office of bureau of immigration in intramuros the same as those can

    be acquired at the airport? could you further explain. It would be a great help.

    thank you so much

    1. mbannist Post author

      It includes the re-entry permit, because it is for people with migrant visa’s Sec 13, 13a, 13e, 13g and PRV, who intend to return like it was their home.
      The ECC issued at the airport is essentially the same as that issued at Intramuros, click to see a copy of the application | ECC A | ECC B.
      If by native born you mean you are a Filipino, then you should avail of the Balikbayan Privilege, under that you can stay for one year without any fees including exemption from Travel Tax if you are normally paying that. Click to find out about Balikbayan

  76. marcus varney

    i hold a probationary resident visa 13 a with ACR card and this is to expire in 3 months when i was supposed to covert to a full resident visa .However i am re engaged at work overseas and therefore my question is when i return back in 4 months will i get a visitors visa stamp on arrival and my 13 a probationary simply expires .Your advices most welcome British passport holder philippina wife .

    1. mbannist Post author

      Marcus, I would talk with BI and see if they can use their discretion, as you are going to miss your passage to permanent residency by only one month. I know you are not meant to leave the country during that 12 months, except in exceptional circumstances, maybe you can convince them that this is a special circumstance. It has been done.
      You will be leaving on the 13(a) so you will complete an ECC B, indicating you plan to return, yet if you take no other action. The situation will be exactly as you describe and you would return and your visa will have expired and you will revert back to a tourist visa (9a).

  77. Rovelyn

    Good day. I just want to ask if do filipinos need an ECC ? I am not a foreigner, I am leaving for a vacation in Canada. I am just confused because my agency asked me to get an ECC but it says in BI foreign people should provide this before leaving Philippines. Please let me know what exactly to do.

    1. mbannist Post author

      Good Morning Rovelyn,
      The ECC is for anyone who is not the holder of a Philippines Passport and has been here for six months or more..
      So the key for you is not if you are Filipino, but if you are a Philippines current passport holder and present that passport on leaving the country.
      If you are a Filipina then you will have to pay your travel tax , unless it is included in your ticket price, and like everyone you will need to pay airport tax.
      Here is the relevant passage from Immigration
      Who should apply for an Emigration Clearance Certificate?

      ECC has two (2) types, ECC –A (also referred to as regular ECC and ECC-B.

      The following foreign nationals must secure an ECC-A prior to their departure: (You are a foreign national if you travel on a foreign passport and do not own a Philippines one to present at the airport.)

      Holders of Temporary Visitor Visa (also referred to as tourist visa) who have stayed in the Philippines for six (6) months or more;NOT YOU
      Holders of expired or downgraded Immigrant or Non-Immigrant Visas;NOT YOU
      Holders of valid Immigrant or Non-Immigrant Visas but are leaving for good;NOT YOU
      Philippine-born foreign nationals who will depart from the Philippines for the first time;NOT YOU
      Holders of Temporary Visitor Visa with Orders to Leave;NOT YOU
      Bona fide seafarers who have stayed in the Philippines for 30 days or more and has a duly approved discharge from BI.NOT YOU
      ECC-B is issued to departing holders of Immigrant and Non-Immigrant visas with valid ACR I-Cards and are leaving the country temporarily. NOT YOU
      Hope that helps

  78. Kira

    Hi Mbannist,

    I hope you could answer my question/s. I have both Philippine and Japan passport and I’m planning to go to Japan early next year. Note (I was born here in the Philippines and this is my first time departing from the Philippines) I’m planning to work in Japan and not to return in the Philippines for a couple of years.. My question/s are:

    1.) What ECC should I get?

    2.) Aside from my Philippine and Japan passport what other documents do I need to present before the immigration officer at NAIA?

    Actually I’m kinda nervous because this is my first time travelling outside the country. And I don’t want to be offloaded.

    Thank you so much.

    1. mbannist Post author

      Provided you have a current Philippines Passport you do not need an ECC at all.
      What you will have to show at the airport before on departure, are both your passports valid for the planned duration of your trip.
      As a Japanese citizen you will not need a visa to enter Japan.
      As a Japanese citizen you should not need the OFW stamp on your passport, but it may pay to check here are the CFO numbers for Manila and Cebu.
      Don’t stress, my reading of the ,aw says no but my experience says it never hurts to say, i contacted CFO on such and such a date and they said I don’t need the stamp.

      CFO – MANILA
      Citigold Center, 1345 Pres. Quirino Ave.
      corner Osmena Highway (South Superhighway)
      Manila, Philippines 1007
      Telephone: (+632) 552-4700
      Email: info@cfo.gov.ph

      CFO – CEBU
      4th Floor, K&J Building
      #4 Don Julio Llorente St.,
      Capitol Site, Cebu City 6000
      Telephone: (032) 255-5253
      Email: cfocebu@cfo.gov.ph

      My strategy would be to present both passports at all times, it should relieve you of travel tax as well.
      So your only expense will be airport tax.
      Have a great time in Japan, it is an elegant country.

      1. Kira

        Hi Mbannist,

        Thank you for your replied to my first questions.

        So meaning to say I’m good to go now? And there’s no other document/s that I need to bring other than my Philippine and Japan passports right?

        I asked this questions multiple time to the immigration since I went there last time. But I still need to verification or confirmation. I don’t wanna be offloaded you know? Hahaha.

        1. mbannist Post author

          Unless there is something you haven’t told me, then your current Japanese Passport enables you to enter Japan without a visa. Make sure it is current and not damaged in any way.
          Your Philippines passport means there is no requirement for an ECC. Just ensure it is current and will be so for the return journey otherwise you may have to renew while away which can be a hassle.
          You say that you have asked Immigration many times? What did they say. If It differs from what I am saying, then believe them andlet me know what I missed, but my experience with my dual nationality wife, tells me I am correct.
          Once again relax and enjoy the great adventure

  79. Kira

    Hi Mbannist,

    They told me that I just need to present both my Philippine and Japan passport. And you’re right they also told me that I don’t need to get an ECC since I have a Philippines passport. I also asked them if what other document/s do I need to present before the immigration officer they told me that there’s none just my passports and ticket.

    I got my Japan passport last 2015 and it’s good for 10 year.
    I got my Philippine passport last October 2017 and it’s good for 5 years.

    So I think it’s still pretty new right?

    Do you think I’ll be having an issue if I just purchase a one way ticket? or it doesn’t matter?.

    1. mbannist Post author

      if you were a tourist to Japan, they would but as a returning citizen you should have no problems, technically you are going home in both directions, so utilise the privilege of dual citizenship. When do you leave?

      1. Kira

        Hi Mbannist,

        Early next year maybe by the end of January :).

        Do you think immigration officer will still ask me question/s? Hahaha. I’m being paranoid again. I’m so sorry. I hope everything will go smoothly.

        1. mbannist Post author

          They may ask you questions, they are trained to zone in on people who are nervous or stressed, so the more relaxed you are thre less likely an officer is going to pick up on your nervousness.
          If they do just be honest and say this is your first time to travel overseas on your own, and they will understand.
          Once you get to Japan you will wonder what was I worrying about, this was easy.
          In over 55 years of travelling the world, I have had little trouble crossing borders, provided my documentation was ok. Yours is, not just my judgement but Immigrations. Also make sure you don’t attempt to take anything illegal into the country, apart from the things we all think about when we say illegal, you need to make sure that abide by the quarantine laws of Japan
          Apart from that I think you are set to go.

  80. Kira

    Hi Mbannist,

    I really appreciate all of your answered to my questions. I’ll let you know once I have a new update. 🙂 Maybe the reason why I’m nervous is because this is just my first time leaving the country and I don’t really know the procedures. Nothing to worry I’ll try my best not to be paranoid.

  81. Kira

    Hi Mbannist,

    I forgot to ask you this question. Regardless of passports that I’ll be using I no longer need get an ECC right?

    What if I only get a one way ticket only? Do I need an ECC?

    What if I get round trip ticket? Do I need as well an ECC?

    I’m sorry. Thank you.

    1. mbannist Post author

      I won’t go in to all the details but to exit without an ECC you must travel on your Philippines passport. You also present your Japanese passport, because you want to avoid the Filipino travel tax, and when you land in Japan you will be using it to enter that country as a citizen. As a Japanese citizen you are only supposed to have one citizenship once you reach the age of 22, but that is never acted upon. However use your Japanese passport unless asked if you are dual
      The kind of ticket you get has no bearing on your need for an ECC, the ticket type only comes into play if you are entering your country of destination as alien. You are not an alien entering Japan, because your passport shows you to be a citizen

      1. Kira

        Hi Mbannist

        Here I am again. Hahaha. How are you?. I’ll be leaving this coming Saturday. Liked what you mentioned I just need to present my Japan and Philippine passport before the immigration officer. I hope everything will alright and I hope I won’t encounter any problem I’ll give you an update again.

        1. mbannist Post author

          Good day
          It will be fine. I look forward to an email from Japan saying you arrived safely.
          Kind Regards

          1. Kira

            Hi Mbannist,

            How are you?. I’m here in Japan already enjoying the very cold weather since its winter here. Hahaha. I followed what you’ve said I presented both of my Philippine and Japan passports at NAIA and when I arrived in Japan I presented just my Japan passport. I didn’t pay for any ECC at all hehehe. No questions ask as well. Thank you so much your such a big help.

          2. mbannist Post author

            Hi Kira,
            The adventure really begins, enjoy the different climate and enjoy meeting new people practicing a different culture. Glad I was able to help
            Kind Regards

  82. Henry

    Hi Mbannist,

    I’ve got few questions I hope you can help me out with regarding leaving the country with a 13a visa.

    I’ve got the permanent 13a visa status but am currently living in the UK. My last trip to Philippines was in July and I got my exit clearance at the airport. My wife’s spouse visa for the UK is currently being processed and hopefully I should be going to bring my family back here in February.

    So when I get back into the country I will go and do my annual report which is needed, then this time I will take 3 days and apply for ECC-A at an immigration office as we are leaving for good? Then I will have no problems leaving the country and also returning to the country in a couple of years for a holiday? I don’t have to go through any process of downgrading my permanent visa Or will that just get cancelled automatically if I stay out of the country for a couple of years?

    Or is it best to just leave with ECC-B again and see what happens at immigration when ever I return to the country?!

    I just want to find easiest way to get out the country and have no problems returning for a holiday, I will only have 10 days or so when I collect them so don’t have loads of time to deal with immigration.

    Hope you can help, sorry for the long message!


    1. mbannist Post author

      Just a few things that you may or may not have covered. You intend to take your family home to the uk with you in February, what documents will they be travelling on. To avoid all kinds of potential hassles, including overstayer fees it is a good idea for your family to leave the country on philippines passports. Secondly if this is the first time for your wife leaving the country then you she will need to attend the CFO seminar, see details here.
      Next you are correct you should go and report as soon as you return, whenever that is during the year, no penalty if you were out of the country during the first two months when reporting usually occurs.
      When you report you can apply for your ECCA at the same time, it,just needs to be done at least three days prior to your departure. The purpose is to ensure you are not leaving the country owing money or facing legal proceedings, this will be a formality for you I would imagine.
      You are correct that leaving on anECCA flags your intention to no longer reside here. It in no way interferes with your right to return with your family as a visitor. If your wife has retained here Philippines status, which she should do if at all possible your future holidays here can be on a balikbayan privilege, which is great for visits of up to twelve months.
      Hope I have covered all bases.

  83. Mar Dy

    Hi Mbannist,

    Have a great evening. (if night your time).
    My enquiry is about Dual Citizenship as well.
    I have a 14 months old nephew, holding a Philippine passport and Australian passport.
    We will be travelling to Australia in a few months (we have approved Visit visa already).

    Would like to confirm that we don’t need ECC for my nephew?
    And will have to present the 2 passports at the Immigration counter?
    And do we have to 2 show the 2 passports as well at the Australian immigration counter?

    Do we need any other documents for my nephew prior to the departure?

    Much faster to get answer from you instead calling BI. lol

    Thanks. 🙂

    1. mbannist Post author

      Hi there Mar Dy,
      Yes it is 1.30 am as I write this. Philippines Time.
      Your nephew does not need an ECC as he is a Philippines citizen.
      As an Australian citizen he should not need a visa to enter Australia, I am not sure why you have one.
      You need to present both passports at both borders, to facilitate processing.
      Additionally you need to have a DSWD travel clearance, if he is travelling without his parents. The details can be found here. Then he is ready to travel
      Hope that helps

  84. Mike

    I have an ACR-I card with 9G visa type.
    It expires April 1st, 2018.
    I will be leaving for Norway March 31st and will be returning April 21st, 2018.
    What should I do?

    1. mbannist Post author

      I don’t know if you have a commercial or non commercial 9G but whatever you can choose to start the process early, in fact just in case an extension is denied it is always wise to go as early as possible. This will require the cooperation of your employee as they have to prepare paperwork as well. You can find the process for extensions by clicking these links for commercial 9g here and here and these links for non-commercial 9g here and here
      Please note that the link to the checklist for non-commercial takes you to the same form as the link for commercial. I will see if i can clarify if that is correct when the office opens. Here is the response from BI. 1. The checklists are different
      So I asked where we could find the checklist online. They responded. 2. Hi sir! We would to inform you that we are having technical problem with our forms and checklist of requirements in our website. We will give you the link as soon as we update the website. Thank you for understanding. So we know they are different but we do not know what the checklist for non commercial is at this time. As soon as they post it so will I.

  85. Steven

    Ok, I had a multi entry work visa but I’ve been downgraded to a 9a and in fact the new stamp in the passport sez 9a with downgraded written. My current consecutive number of days in the country is 3 months. I’m going to pop over to Hongkong for a couple of days and I come back to Manila. Do I need an ecc? A or b? Thank you.

      1. Steven

        Went into the BI today. I need an ECC because of the downgrade status on my 9a. When I get the new 9a stamp returning from Hong Kong it won’t be a downgraded stamp. And no more ECC unless I stay 6 consecutive months.

        1. mbannist Post author

          Sorry about that Steven, what they told you is correct. I missed the downgraded and was focusing on the time you had been here. Once again have a great trip to Hong Kong, I had a great time there about 7 years ago.

  86. red_manc

    Hi mate, I have few questions with regards to ECC-B.

    1. Is it guarantee that we will be able to obtain it at the airport prior to our departure?
    2. Are the counter for this documentation inside the departure gate before the initial immigration check point?
    3. How long does it take in order for us to receive the ECC-B at the airport?
    4. If ever we apply the ECC-B any of the BI office, do we need to show our flight ticket
    5. Am I allow to obtain this ECC-B if my ACR-i card still in the process; although I already have the actual visa stamping on my passport?

    I’m actually planning to collect my ACR-i card somewhere around next week and hope there won’t be any issue in collecting my ACR-i card. I am schedule to return to KUL by end of next month just for couple days.

    1. mbannist Post author

      While none of us can predict what Immigration will do in a week the current situation is:

      • The ECC B is obtainable at the airport on the day of departure. Initially, the counter was sometimes closed especially on holidays and weekends. That has changed with increases in staffing and Duterte’s use of express lane fees for overtime paymrnts to officers.
      • I can’t answer your second question as I have never used an ECC B since they were available at the Airport, but this list of BI ports of entry will give you a contact you can ask directly.
      • The more time you have the better just in case you hit a bottleneck, but it is available as you depart.
      • Yes you need to show air ticket, or a boarding pass in the airport. The application Form tells all, especially in the final paragraph before you sign.
      • You will need to get an individual ruling on this. Technically you have been granted the visa, BUT they need the card with its chip to record your travels and transactions.
  87. Colin

    Be great to get experienced asvice from you on leaving NAIA in April, as this will be first time leaving after a stay of more than 6months, by multiple 2month tourist extensions
    o Already had pre existing ACR 1year card valid to 14/Mar/2018
    o Last Entry into Philippines was 29th Aug 2017
    o Usual with initial extensions
    .. Visa on rrival 30days (28/Sep/2017)
    .. to 59days, (27/Oct/2017)
    .. to 119days (27/Dec/2017)
    .. to 179 days (27/Feb/2018) <== Which is 6months from last entry to Philippines
    o Most recent Extension on 20th Feb 2017
    .. to 239days ( 28Feb – 27/apr/2018) <== Alas 8months from initial entry to Philippines
    .. No ACR card renewal as ACR was valid at time I renewed and told I only need renew ACR at time I apply for Tourist Visa extension when my ACR is already expired ie next time.

    o Flying MNL-BKK rtn 25th April – 10th May 2018
    o Will have been in Philippines for more than 6months (almost 8months)
    o Departing 2days before current Tourist Visa Extension lapses
    o My ACR expired during my current Visa extension (exp 14/Mar/2018)
    o I know I need to obtain a BI ECC between 4-30days before my 25th April flight

    1. Do I need a valid (in date) ACR (tourist Type) card to obtain an ECC
    2. If above answer is YES, then do I need do a 1month (wasted !) Visa Extension to obtain ACR card or can I just pay for standalone ACR card renewal?
    3. What docs (hard and photocopy pages) are REQUIRED to support ECC Application

    4. I readily have to hand
    o Physical Passport (UK)
    o 2×2 Passport Photos (Do I need passport photos ? If so how many?)
    o BI Official Original Receipt Pages (x3) from 20/Feb/2018 Extension
    i)Visa Ext Fees ii)Fast Lane fees iii)personal search Cert iv)My copy of application formo o ACR Card (expired on 14/Mar/2018), but was valid at time of current VISA extension


    1. mbannist Post author

      Morning Colin,

      In short, Yes you do all expats living in the Philippines for more than 59 days are required to obtain an ACR card. So to comply you should have your ACR card when leaving the country.
      Now whether or not it will be asked if you left on an ECC A is a raffle.
      I think that the key to your question is the fact that you intend to return to the Philippines after your trip to Thailand. On that basis I would expect BI to be looking for an ACR Card and an ECC B.
      The renewal of your ACR card is dependent on you having a valid visa at the time of application. So I would be applying for the renewal asap, you shouldn’t have any issue with that as your visa is valid until after you leave the country. But given the fact that in grey areas consistency has still not arrived, an individual officer may ask you to renew your visa to cover your absence from the country. The application form for ACR renewal can be found here and all the requirements can be found here and by clicking on the links within that document.
      You can then apply for your ECC B at the airport on departure or at the local BI office when you renew your ACR card if you so that after 26 March. Form and requirements are here
      There are some grey areas `here and to ensure you don’t get delayed I have dealt with worst case scenarios.
      Please let us know the real life outcome for the benefit of our readers.

      1. Colin

        Thankyou for such a quick reply.

        Will update below once I deal with obtaining the necessary ECC-A/B and what requirements (eg if new ACR needed for my ECC) I had to comply with,

        I have lived here 30+ months solid with odd 2-4wk trip to asia/europe, and am a regular at same BI and see/use same BI Team/Supervisor who are very quick and helpful.
        I am sure that the usual helpful BI Supervisor who processes me each extension will only require I renew ACR to get an ECC if his hand is forced by current BI regulations.

        ACR wait period is 14days as after I apply at my provincial (non Luzon) BI, as the new cards have to come from Manila…. So I shouldn’t delay past 2nd April to apply ..as I don’t know what the lead time is for ECC processing

        Just means my next ACR card will be exp 3/Apr/2019 instead of one obtained 55-60days after I return being eg exp 2/Jul/2019

        1. Colin

          In the end ECC was totally painless, performed at the BI Calapan (Mindoro) office
          1. Fillin in ECC application form between 29-3 days before departing Philippines
          2. Provide four 2″ x 2″ square photos (rectangular passport photos no good) ++ your Passport
          3. pay ECC fee(s).

          4, BI then prepare three A4 ECC Cert forms to be proofread and signed by you, plus each form gets 2×2 photo and your left+right thumbprints inked to the ECC sheet.
          5. You take one ECC A4 sheet away with you which you need present at NAIA Emmigration kiosks (nothing ECC wise is added to ones passport)

          Other Notes
          o ACR card not required at time of ECC application and if expired does not need to be renewed to get ones ECC
          o ACR card needs be in date at time one extends visa by usual 1-2 months but does not need be valid for whole duration of visa extension
          (One gets next ACR with the next visa extension)
          o You can only get a new in-date ACR card during a visa extension, You can not simply apply for a new ACR card even within valid visa extension period
          (I asked as I prefer not to be without an ACR for 60+ days when I return)

          1. mbannist Post author

            Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know your real life experience.
            Information like this is invaluable and gives a practical interpretation of the rules and regulations that can’t be obtained in any other way.
            Without wanting to unsettle you, I am surprised by the ACR card ruling as it contradicts my reading of a number of documents including this. However you have received this consistently from thisd office, and I am sure they would have heard about it, if people were being delayed on exit.
            Perhaps others reading this would add their experience, for the benefit of us all.
            Thanks again Colin

  88. Benjamin Olsen

    Dear Sir,

    I am a Danish citizen, married in the Philippines, my wife is Filipino and we have an 8 year old daughter born in the Philippines. Our daughter has a Danish passport still valid, but her Philippine passport expired in 2012. We are applying for a visa for them to join me in Spain.
    I hope you can find the time to answer my questions:

    1. Reading your posts, I advised my wife to go to the BI to get our daughters danish passport marked as being a Filipino citizen. They informed us that they will issue a certificate for “recognition as Philippine citizen”, is this correct and valid for travel?
    They want to charge us Php 12000 for this which I think is steep considering she is born in PH and has a Filipino mother, is it normal?

    2. Does this mean that we will avoid to apply ECC A or B for her?

    3. If she is travelling on her Danish passport, do we have to pay departure/travel tax?

    4. In the case that she needs to return to the Philippines, can she enter without Philippine passport and only this document?

    Thanks in advance.


    1. mbannist Post author

      I have never heard that kind of figure for getting a notation on a passport, in fact the document you mention is new to me as well. That does not mean it wouldn’t work, but it may be unnecessarily expensive.
      My advice would be to get your daughter her Philippines passport. It is very easy and far less expensive. With both her Danish and Philippines passport she can avoid the ECC, avoid the travel tax and return to the Philippines provided she keeps it current.
      Go here to get the details
      Hope that helps

      1. mbannist Post author

        Benjamin just a quick Addendum. If you attempt to leave without taking some kind of action, your daughter will be treated as an eight-year overstayer, purely on the basis of her not having any documentation regarding her Filipino birth. That could be very expensive, one reader said he was asked to pay 100,000 peso for a similar time frame, but chose not to fly and got his daughter her Filipino passport cost under 2000.

  89. Rutvik

    Hi…Good evening

    My brother is studying in philippines and now he wants to come back to India for vacation.but problem is with ECC,they are not giving ECC since 18th June. Before this he came to india twice and got his ECC a day before but this time we are facing this issue.
    Now today authority ppl said that we have sent your ECC directly to airport and from there they are saying that it will take another 2 days to review your ECC…now can you please guide me what can be done.

    1. mbannist Post author

      I am confused. If your brother is on a student visa, he will have an ACR card. If he goes to the nearest BI office no later than 3 days before departure they will issue him with an ECC B, now recorded on his ACR card which he needs to present to BI. I have no knowledge of them refusing to issue one and the site is down currently. I am sure if this were general it would be big noise on expat sites.
      If you can give me more details I will pursue your enquiry further when the site is back up.
      Check with your brother that he has a current ACR Card
      Are there any restrictions on the number of times he may leave the Philippines during the life of his visa, especially if these take place in semester time.

  90. sreypich

    Good morning
    I have question regarding downgrade student visa (9f). I am studying at Manila. My student visa will expire on Oct 17, 2018. I will graduate and return to my home country at Oct 10, 18. I want to ask do i still need to downgrade my student visa? If it is a must and the process take a month, can I downgrade my student visa at airport’s immigration or at Philippines embassy at my country?

    Anyways, If i don’t downgrade my student visa , what are the problem i will face on when I will return to Philippines again?

    I hope you reply

    Thanks you so much

  91. sreypich

    Good morning
    I have question regarding downgrade student visa (9f). I am studying at Manila. My student visa will expire on Oct 17, 2018. I will graduate and return to my home country at Oct 10, 18. I want to ask do i still need to downgrade my student visa? If it is a must, can I downgrade my student visa at airport’s immigration or at Philippines embassy at my country?

    Anyways, If i don’t downgrade my student visa , what are the problem i will face on when I will return to Philippines again?

    1. mbannist Post author

      The reason for downgrading is:
      You quit studying but wish to remain in the Philippines for some other purpose.
      Your student visa expires a week after you graduate, so you will have no need to downgrade as you are here legally until you leave.
      You will, however, need to get your ECC A which is for those with no immediate plans to return to the Philippines. (It does not indicate that you will never return, but that you won’t be returning during the currency of your student visa. If you planned to continue your studies and apply for an extension of your current visa then you would apply for the ECC B. Hope That Helps

      1. sreypich say

        Thanks you for your help,

        Can I ask you how to apply ECC A as I am a student at DLSU ? Where is the nearest to apply it and how much I have to spend ?

        1. mbannist Post author

          Apply for your ECC A at the Intramuros Office of BI. This should be done no sooner than one month before your due departure and no later than three days before you leave. The ECC A has a one month validity and may only be used once.
          The cost is 1210php according to the BI site.
          Here is a copy of the application form, and a list of the documents you need to have.

          How to apply?

          Secure and fill out application form.

          Submit duly accomplished form and attach the other supporting documents.

          Wait for the issuance of Order of Payment Slip (OPS).

          Pay the corresponding fees.

          Submit the accomplished application form with the required attachments and attach original Official Receipts.

          Present claim stub on the appointed date and time of return for releasing of Original Certification and Receipts.

          Acknowledge receipt by signing the duplicate copy of the Certification before releasing the original Certification and Official Receipt.

          1. sreypich say

            Hello ,
            Thank you for your guide,
            Anyways , I went to international center (IC) in my DLSU, but they said I must downgrade due to my Icard is still active even my student visa is expire.

            It is really confusing for me , can you explain ?

            Thanks you so much


          2. mbannist Post author

            The only way that this could be correct is if DLSU reports your graduation date to BI, and BI and DLSU give you notice that your visa has been withdrawn. I have not seen that happen before.
            You are graduating and leaving the country prior to your visa expiring, so your visa should require no adjustment.
            The ACR card is an ID card with biometrics and information about your interaction with BI on it. It is not the visa and has no bearing on the visa.
            Your best course of action is to contact the Hotline.
            Tell them the following:
            The date your visa expires
            The date you graduate
            The date you leave the country.
            Say you believe you need an ECC A to leave and if that is the case where can you obtain it and what will it cost. If they give you that information without comment, then ask if there is anything else you need to do before you leave the country. the hot line number can be found here
            Sorry I cannot be more definite as DLSU may have arrangements with BI which are more stringent than those of other students.

  92. Sopheap Sam

    Hello! My student visa 9F will expire on October 21, 2018. I will graduate and return to my home country (Cambodia) on September 07, 2018. I have 2 questions:
    1.Do I need to downgrade my student visa?
    2. Is there any problem if I don’t downgrade my student visa, then I will return to the Philippines to continue my study in about 2 or 3 year later? Will I get any punishment?
    I am waiting for your reply please.
    Thank you!

    1. mbannist Post author

      Hi there,
      1 You do not need to downgrade your student visa as the main reason for doing so is The reason for downgrading is:
      You quit studying but wish to remain in the Philippines for some other purpose, or you have broken the law and your student visa has been rescinded.
      You will need to obtain an ECC A as per your DLSU colleague in my answer below. This is not saying you will never return but that you have no immediate plans for doing so. When you wish to resume your studies in two or three years time make a fresh application. In it you will have the opportunity to indicate that you successfully studied here in the past and left the country in good standing. Please let us know the outcome for the information of others.
      Hope that is useful

  93. HU HAI

    The reissued visa receipt has ECC and fees, but I did not receive the ECC. Can I board the flight by presenting the receipt?

    1. mbannist Post author

      Do you have an ACR. If so the chip implanted in it will record your ECC. Otherwise I think it would be wise to contact the BI hotline and get a direct answer
      Practice in the past has been to issue a clearance certificate for ECCA.

  94. MJ

    Hello, I stayed in the Philippines between 15 March and 15 September 2018 (5 months). I have a valid ACR-I card, which I was required to buy after 59 days. I left the Philippines without purchasing an ECC, as I did not know this was necessary. I want to return to Manila on 25 October this year, is this a problem because I did not get an ECC last time?

    1. mbannist Post author

      If you came here on a visitor visa you would have had to purchase the ACR, but are not required to purchase the ECC until you have been here six months, you were here for six months exactly by my calculations, 16 March to 15 September and should have required an ecc a on leaving. It is usually BI who will tell you that you can’t leave because you haven’t paid for your ECC B. I can’t tell you why they did not. I think it highly unlikely that you will have a problem with returning, as they will be focussing on your entry not a previous exit, but I can’t guarantee that. Your best course of action if questioned would be to relay to them that you believed your previous stay was only five months and that an ECC was not required until six. Hope that is helpful

      1. mbannist Post author

        Just looking again at the FORM There is an inconsistency in that the title says “EMIGRATION CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE (ECC) – TOURIST (WITH MORE THAN SIX MONTHS OF STAY IN THE PHILIPPINES)”
        Whereas under who should apply it says “Holder of Temporary Visitor Visa who have stayed in the Philippines for six (6) months or more.. So On the basis of that I think they have to give the more than six months interpretation. So I think you are clear. If you want further verification you could go to the facebook page for the helpline, and ask anonymously, only operates Mon-Friday sorry

    2. phillip

      Hi, im in a similar situation.

      I left Philippines in July, while my ACR-I was being processed. I did not get an ECC. And I will return to Philippines in November. Did you find any more information?

      I particularly want to know if I can re-enter and pick my ACR-I card up.


  95. phillip


    I left Philippines in July, while my ACR-I was being processed. I did not get an ECC (i was there for less than 6 months). And I will return to Philippines in November.

    I particularly want to know if I can re-enter and pick my ACR-I card up. As my ACR-I card is still waiting for me at Manila Beurau of Immigration, how do i re-enter the country? should I re-enter of a tourist visa?

    Thanks in advance!


    1. mbannist Post author

      You should have obtained an ACR card Waiver before you left the Philippines which would have made things easier. However all is not lost. If you are the current holder of a valid long term visa such as section 13, 13a, a working visa or a student visa, then that would already be stamped in your passport and you would present that and your ACR Card claim stub on arrival.
      If you were here previously on a tourist/visitor visa on entry, then you will just enter the country as you did before.
      Keep your ACR claim sub in your passport so it is readily available if required.
      Claim your ACR card as soon as possible Hope that helps

      1. phillip

        thanks. i entered on a tourist visa, but im returning for work. my employer (a govt agency) says i need the card to begin the application for work.

        i dont have the stub. i left it in manila with my wife’s family.

        1. mbannist Post author

          Just ensure that they retain it for when you return otherwise things can get complicated. That stub is your receipt. Good luck

  96. Cathy

    Hi. My 6yr old son has Philippine passport that will expire on 2021 and Us passport through crba jist this month. Do i still have to get ecc. Pls. Help. Planning to leave this month.

    1. mbannist Post author

      your son will not require an ECC if he holds a current Philippines passport. If you present both passports you may also avoid paying the travel tax that Filipinos have to pay on leaving the country, but I can’t guarantee that I have had it go both ways, but ask anyway.
      It pays to keep his Filipino passport current unless you have no intention of ever returning.

  97. Tim

    I think BI, should read this posting and build a set of FAQ on their site, but what fun would that be – we couldn’t visit you here 🙂

    Quick question, I am a foreign National having been in the Philippines for almost 6 years (renewed Visa’s regularly and headed to Tokyo for a week after my initial 3 year stay.)

    My next 3 year term expires in March. In order to get the ECC do I need to have the flight booked first?

    I have nothing on my record, etc, but I know how gov’t offices work. I’d hate to book a flight now, have a snag and loose the flight.

    Thanks to all,

    1. mbannist Post author

      Hi Tim, I will preface this response with a caveat. The status of long stay tourist visas is currently under review, has been for two years and the changes associated with that may be quite extensive. The reason I am mentioning this is that when any changes are enacted they may be swift, with little lead in time. So please keep current with the rules as they change swiftly.
      That being said here is the current situation. You can obtain your ECC A at your local BI office a month in advance of your intended departure. That should give you plenty of time to overcome any snags you may encounter.
      The application form does not require a ticket to be produced, just an intended date of leaving, you have that month to do your formal booking. here is a link to the application form.My advice for what it is worth is to not indicate your intention to return. Just come back and start afresh. HTH

  98. Stan Scroggins

    Hi, my wife and I are US missionaries in the Philippines. We left on furlough March 19, 2020. We were to return July 2020. We are now delayed waiting for things to open. We have 9G visas and ACR cards which expires March 2, 2021.
    We have a rent house and vehicle paying rent for our lease all this time in Bacolod.
    So a couple of questions. First, if the country were to open before our documents expire, do we have everything we need to return?
    Second, if not, what are our options?

    1. mbannist Post author

      Hi Stan,
      As far as I can see if the country opens up in time for you to renew your your papers nothing would change. The relaxation in entry rules announced on 22Dec does not appear to give you any relief, so I am not sure what you would need to do to protect your status as BI is flying by the seat of its pants I think. They are waiting on the policy makers before they will make any committment. My advice for what it is worth is as follows. 1. BO says no new visas, but I have found nothing to say that you cannot renew a visa, try doing this through your local Philippines outpost. 2. Try to get some kind of statement from the embassy, particular to you about how your future here might look. 3. Negotiate with ypur organisation regarding the varew of your property and your care until you arew able to return.
      Making any more definitive statements would be just blowing smoke I’m afraid
      Kind Regards

  99. Angela Mae Hidalgo Orca Harmer

    Hi im a Filipino Citizen married to an Australian but still living in Philippines. We have a 16month old baby who aquired her Australian Citizen by descent when she was 6months old. She have both Australian and Philippine Passport. My question is i got granted a tourist visa in Australia so we will be visiting her dad for a couple of months. I didnt include her in my visa because shes gonna be using her Australian passport. Do i need to secure an ECC for her? Will she get penalized for staying even if its her first time to leave Philippines/travel? And will i have a problem at the immigration because shes an Australian Citizen using her Australian Passport and im a Filipino

    1. mbannist Post author

      Hi there Angela, I lived in Australia for 17 years. Your daughter will not need to be on the visa as she is an Australian Citizen. Will she be penalised? Before covid you simply presented both her passports as you were exiting the country and you were able to leave the country as a Filipino and not need an ECC. I don’t imagine that that has changed, but given all the new officers on duty it may pay you to contact the Helpline which has a facebook page and responds very fast. Yell them you just need to make sure you are following the rules.Don’t stress your baby is a Filipino and cannot be sanctioned because she is travelling on her Australian Passport. Go enjoy your holiday

  100. mary rose

    hello , i honestly dont know what to ask first. a little back story, i am a US citizen and came to the Phillipines in 2015 ,two years after my dad passed away due to financial problems. i had a baby in 2017 . i havent been able to pay for overstaying fees etc. because honestly i didnt have the money to at the time. i recently got my US passport renewed and also am applying for crba and US passport for my daughter. ( my sister was able to save up money for me to try to make things right so i can go to US for a better future for my daughter).

    now im seeking for a little advice on what to do regarding my overstaying for 5 years. i want to do things the right way soo i need a little advice please.

    and another question my daighter is turning 4 next month , once she gets her passport and crba and tries to get an ECC will they make her pay for the 4 years shes been here in the Phillipines or just for the time that she because a US citizen by crba?

    1. mbannist Post author

      Hi there,
      If I am going to be able to point you in the right direction, you will need to provide me with more information.
      You say you are a US citizen, is that by birth or descent?
      What is your relationship with the Philippines?
      If you can’t or do not wish to share that information with me, and that is fine, then I suggest you find a good immigration attorney and talk to them. Your status as an overstayer is unclear from the information you have provided, as is that of your daughter.
      That information will help me ascertain your actual status, then I can advise you better

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