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Fun Captcha

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Some folk have been having difficulty with the Fun Captcha at login.
Thought some step by step instructions might help as I can see where the difficulty is.
Go to the site and put in your login details
The Fun Captcha screen appears
Click verify
Do the recognition tasks
Fun Captcha tells you that you are not a bot
Click continue
Do Not Click On the Login Screen Again
If you do you will be taken back to Fun Captcha and that is where the issue has been.
Remember Click on Continue but not on the Login Screen Again

See how that goes and let us know

2 thoughts on “Fun Captcha

  1. Matthew Ford


    I am the designer for FunCaptcha. We understand the problem described here and realise we need to improve our solution to avoid this happening. In the meantime, your instructions are correct.

    We appreciate this bit of information– it helped us realise a particular case which can confuse people. We are working on a fix which will be ready soon. Please write us to let us know how it goes.

    Sorry for the problem and thanks again for helping us improve.

    Kind regards,

    1. mbannist Post author

      Thanks Matt, As I said loath to cut it out so this was my way round the issue. As a new site we don’t want our subscribers put off by security, but know we need it.

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