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Welcoming Another Guest Contributor

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It is a great honor and privilege to have our next guest contributor on board. I have worked with this man as a moderator on his very successful group Mahal Kita, where his wisdom, knowledge and experience in matters concerning immigration visas to the US is legend. Behind his back we call hm the “Guru of Getting Them Home”, but here is the man to introduce himself.

Hi there, My name is James but you can call me Dew! I own and run the website www.visaservicesfortheusa.com (Visa Services For The USA). For a number of years I’ve provided an inexpensive service that assists people just like you who want to bring their fiance(e), spouse or other family member to the U.S.A.

Check here for free tips on the petitioning process, on a regular basis.

USA Petitioning Tips No. 1
Always provide the USCIS or NVC exactly what is requested or required, not more, nothing less.

2 thoughts on “Welcoming Another Guest Contributor

  1. James Newton


    Thank you for the warm words of welcome! It’s quite and adventure helping folks get their loved ones back home with them. The petitioning process can be a snap for some folks and at the same time quite daunting for others. I’ve been told a few horror stories by folks who have paid out thousands of dollars for assistance and did not get the result they expected which was most of the time, an approved petition.

    Although I am kept busy with my own interests, I’m happy to entertain any questions which are presented in this forum with regards to the USA visa petitioning process.

    Much success to you and the new website.



    1. mbannist Post author

      Once again Dew you were invited because you are one of the few honest purveyors of information I have met in the US Visa petitioning field. As well as the valuable information that you will be giving for free here and on other sites, I have complete confidence in the integrity of your effort with paying customers

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