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Computer Repairs

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As well as being an information portal we plan to be a helping community.
We have noticed that many expats are computer illiterate or know just enough to be a major liability to their friends and acquaintences computer systems.
From being something that just sits in the corner and is used by the kids a computer takes on a much more central position in the life of many expats.It is an economic and timely way of keeping in touch with friends and family back in their country of origin. It provides contact with other expats and friends in this country and can also help us when we have to interact with government and other large organisations here. So if something stops working, it needs fixing and fixing quick. Herein lies a major problem for us living in a land where English is the second or third language.

    How do we know what needs fixing if we know little about computers ourselves?
    Who is competent among the dozens of experts on offer in every strip mall or shopping centre, to diagnose the problem, rather than just mouth off scripted responses?
    Who offers the best deal, not only the cheapest deal. For example a person may fix your computer for a 1000 pesos while another may charge 1200 pesos and offer a six month warranty on their work, while another will charge you 1100pesos and offer you a 20% discount on all future purchases.
    Who have you had really bad experience with regarding getting your computer fixed?
    All of us can benefit from sharing our personal experiences about having computers fixed and hopefully make the journey for those that follow us less expensive and frustrating. We suggest you post your experiences in the Forum, so we can build up a database of those who offer the best service and those you shouldn’t go near.

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