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Annual Reporting

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If you are among the majority of Non-citizens (aliens) required to complete an annual report if you are in the country during the first two months of the year, then here are some comments and instructions from the Bureau.

Bureau of Immigration, Republic of the Philippines
19 hours ago
6 January 2014

More than 2,100 foreigners made their annual report to the Bureau of Immigration (BI) during the first three days of registration in different satellite offices nationwide, Commissioner Siegfred B. Mison announced yesterday.

Mison said the policy is in compliance with Section 10 of Republic Act 562 of the Alien Registration Act. It also aims to strictly enforce compliance of the immigration law in the interest of national security, public safety, and public order.

He also explained that the annual reporting helps the government determine whether a foreigner is still residing in the country or has already left.

Under the latest BI Memorandum, it prohibits travel agencies, law firms, and other entities transacting with the BI from accomplishing the application form or paying the corresponding application fees on behalf of their clients.

Mison said aliens making the annual report should bring their Alien Certificate of Registration I-Cards, Certificate of Residence and official receipts of the annual report fee paid during the previous year.

He reminded registrants to fill-up the four-page renewal form before going to immigration offices to avoid necessary delay. Foreigners could go to any BI satellite office in the country to register which usually takes only about five minutes.

As of last Friday, a total of 1, 084 foreigners reported in BI main office in Manila; 238 registrants in Makati; Cebu District Office has 123; Clark has 107 registrants; 81 in Davao; Quezon City with 43 registrants; Batangas office has 33; and Baguio Field Office has 25.

On the other hand, 18 foreigners registered in Butuan City; 17 in Iloilo; 16 in San Fernando, La Union; Dagupan field office has 14. However, in Ologapo field office, only 12 foreigners have reported since last weekend while Clark Satellite office has only one registrant.

“We encouraged all foreigners to have them properly registered for their own protection. You have 60 days to file your annual report to the nearest immigration offices in provinces and cities,” the immigration chief said.

An application fee of P310 is required as part of the requirements for reportage. If a foreigner fails to file an annual report within the 60 days, a P200 penalty will be imposed every month.

Non-compliance may cause a foreigner’s visa to be cancelled. Violators may also be deported if they fail to comply with the annual reporting.

Under the said memo, foreign nationals who are under 14 years of age or about 65 years old, imbecile, staying in a penal institution, or confined in a hospital are not required to appear in person.

Those who can show sufficient proof of physical incapability to report in person can also send a representative to apply.

Bureau of Immigration, Republic of the Philippines

All registered foreign nationals can apply for Annual Report in the following offices of the Bureau of Immigration (BI).

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